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A Catalogue and Index of the Shelley Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library and a General Index to the Facsimile Edition of the Bodleian Shelley Manuscripts
by Tatsuo Tokoo

This volume is a comprehensive collection of critical essays on The Taming of the Shrew, and includes extensive discussions of the play’s various printed versions and its theatrical productions. Aspinall has included only those essays that offer the most influential and controversial arguments surrounding the play. The issues discussed include gender, authority, female autonomy and unruliness, courtship and marriage, language and speech, and performance and theatricality.

Ada 2005 Reference Manual. Language and Standard Libraries
by S. Tucker Taft, Robert A. Duff, Randall L. Brukardt, Erhard Ploedereder, Pascal Leroy

The Ada 2005 Reference Manual combines the International Standard ISO/IEC 8652/1995(E) for the programming language Ada with the corrections of the Technical Corrigendum 1 approved by ISO in February 2001 and with the Amendment 1 expected to be approved by ISO in late 2006 or early 2007. Both the Technical Corrigendum 1 and the Amendment 1 list only the changes made to the International Standard.

The Ada 2005 Reference Manual incorporates these changes in the overall standard text and thus will replace the former versions as an indispensable working companion for anybody using Ada professionally or learning and studying the language systematically. In naming this version, we have chosen the vernacular term Ada 2005 used by the Ada community to refer to the interesting extensions made to the language Ada by the Amendment 1.

The Monastic Breviary of Hyde Abbey, Winchester
by J. B. L. Tolhurst

First of 6 volumes. The project to edit the Hyde Breviary was a considerable one that was to occupy the HBS for a decade. Hyde Abbey hadbeen founded alongside New Minster, Winchester un 965 by St Ethelwold [c. 908-984], Bishop if Winchester, and a former Abbot of Abingdon, with Abingdon Monks. In 1110 the community moved from its cramped premises to Hyde Meadow, just outside the city walls. The breviary MSS edited were most probably written during thre abbacy of Symon de Kanings [1292-1304]. The Hyde Breviary is one of a small number of surviving MS witneses to the form of the English Benedictine breviary, supplemented by what Tolhurst thought was a single surviving volume of a 1528 printed breviary or portiforium of Abingdon. The Hyde relics were here cosen as the most typical and informative. The Rawlinson and Gough MSS were written by different scribes but on virtuallly indistinguishable vellum and with illuminations from the same hand. Here they are collated with survivg witnesses to the English Benedictine breviary of the period. The sixth volume of the set is ‘Introduction to the English Monastic Breviaries’, volume 80 in the series.

A Numerical Library in Java for Scientists and Engineers
by Hang T. Lau

At last researchers have an inexpensive library of Java-based numeric procedures for use in scientific computation. The first and only book of its kind, A Numeric Library in Java for Scientists and Engineers is a translation into Java of the library NUMAL (NUMerical procedures in ALgol 60).

This groundbreaking text presents procedural descr

The Hardwick Library and Hobbes’s Early Intellectual Development
by Richard A. Talaska

This volume publishes the entirety of Hobbes’s MS E.1.A, “Old Catalogue,” the 1630s catalogue of the Hardwick/Chatsworth library. Talaska provides handwriting samples and a full discussion of the problem of identifying Hobbes’s handwriting to prove that the “Old Catalogue” is in Hobbes’s own handwriting. Talaska goes on to prove that almost all the books in the library were purchased by the Devonshires for Hobbes’s own purposes, and shows that the Catalogue dates to the 1630s. Illustrations of the catalogue are provided. Hobbes’s listings, which give only author’s last name, short title, and printer’s format, are filled out with full bibliographic information, making it possible for Talaska to date the catalogue and for the reader to find the editions listed. This work will be essential for those studying the intellectual influences upon Hobbes from the time of his Oxford years until the late 1630s. Long delayed by the author’s premature death, this work is now available in PDF format. CONTENTS Note from the Publisher Author’s Preface Introduction Part 1: MS E.1.A. “Old Catalogue” and Hobbes’s Early Intellectual Life – Hobbes’s MS E.1.A – Hobbes’s Oxford Education – MS E.1.A. and other Catalogues and Lists of Books at Chatsworth – Hobbesian Authorship of MS E.1.A. and Responsibility for the Contents of the Library – Analysis of Hobbes’s Handwriting and MS E.1.A. – Photocopies of Various Handwriting Samples – Preliminary Study of the Contents of E.1.A. and Hobbes’s Early Intellectual Development – Dating E.1.A. – Principles of Editing MS E.1.A. Part 2: E.1.A. “Old Catalogue,” Edited with Commentary – I: “Libri Theologici” – II: General Works in Classical Languages and English – III: General Works in Contemporary European Languages Bibliography List of Illustrations “A masterpiece of scholarship and detective work.”– Arlene Saxonhouse

Alfred’s Basic Piano Library – Ear Training Book, Complete Level 1 (1A/1B)
by Gayle Kowalchyk, E. L. Lancaster

The Ear Training Books reinforce each concept presented in the Lesson Books and specifically focus on the training and development of the ear. Rhythmic, melodic and intervallic concepts are drilled throughout each book and each page is designed to be completed using approximately five minutes of the lesson time.

An American Marriage (Oprah’s Book Club)
by Tayari Jones





“A moving portrayal of the effects of a wrongful conviction on a young African-American couple.” —Barack Obama

“Haunting . . . Beautifully written.” —The New York Times Book Review
“Brilliant and heartbreaking . . . Unforgettable.” —USA Today
“A tense and timely love story . . . Packed with brave questions about race and class.” —People
“Compelling.” —The Washington Post
“Epic . . . Transcendent . . . Triumphant.” —Elle

Newlyweds Celestial and Roy are the embodiment of both the American Dream and the New South. He is a young executive, and she is an artist on the brink of an exciting career. But as they settle into the routine of their life together, they are ripped apart by circumstances neither could have imagined. Roy is arrested and sentenced to twelve years for a crime Celestial knows he didn’t commit. Though fiercely independent, Celestial finds herself bereft and unmoored, taking comfort in Andre, her childhood friend, and best man at their wedding. As Roy’s time in prison passes, she is unable to hold on to the love that has been her center. After five years, Roy’s conviction is suddenly overturned, and he returns to Atlanta ready to resume their life together.
This stirring love story is a profoundly insightful look into the hearts and minds of three people who are at once bound and separated by forces beyond their control. An American Marriage is a masterpiece of storytelling, an intimate look deep into the souls of people who must reckon with the past while moving forward—with hope and pain—into the future.

Red War
by Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills

This instant #1 New York Times bestseller and “modern techno-thriller” (New York Journal of Books) follows Mitch Rapp in a race to prevent Russia’s gravely ill leader from starting a full-scale war with NATO.

When Russian president Maxim Krupin discovers that he has inoperable brain cancer, he’s determined to cling to power. His first task is to kill or imprison any of his countrymen who can threaten him. Soon, though, his illness becomes serious enough to require a more dramatic diversion—war with the West.

Upon learning of Krupin’s condition, CIA director Irene Kennedy understands that the US is facing an opponent who has nothing to lose. The only way to avoid a confrontation that could leave millions dead is to send Mitch Rapp to Russia under impossibly dangerous orders. With the Kremlin’s entire security apparatus hunting him, he must find and kill a man many have deemed the most powerful in the world.

Success means averting a war that could consume all of Europe. But if his mission is discovered, Rapp will plunge Russia and America into a conflict that neither will survive in “a timely, explosive novel that shows yet again why Mitch Rapp is the best hero the thriller genre has to offer” (The Real Book Spy).

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