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History Of Western Philosophy

by Bertrand Russell Now in a special gift edition, and featuring a brand new foreword by Anthony Gottlieb, this is a dazzlingly unique exploration of the works of significant philosophers throughout the ages and a definitive must-have title that deserves a revered place on every bookshelf. by Bertrand Russell First published in 1946, History of […]

Beyond The Three Seas

by R.H. Major The volume contains the following accounts, edited, with an introduction: Narrative of the voyage of Abd-er-Razzak, Ambassador from Shah Rukh, A.H. 845, A.D. 1442.; The travels of Nicola Conti in the East in the early part of the fifteenth century; The travels of Athanasius Nikitin, a native of Twer; The journey of […]

Integration Of The Indian States

by Kenneth Hanf, Ben Soetendorp Adapting to European Integration describes how the political institutions in eight small member states and two non-members responded to the internal and external demands springing from the process of European integration in general and EC/EU membership in particular. The study makes a distinction between governmental/administrative adaptation, political adaptation and strategic […]