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Indian Economy Ebook Download

by Rama P. Kanungo, Chris Rowley, Anurag N. Banerjee Changing the Indian Economy: Renewal, Reform and Revival explores the fact that post-Modi India is witnessing unprecedented socioeconomic change, truly labeled as Modi’s Mantra and his attempts to morph the Indian economic landscape. India is using an intelligent economic process for its renewal and growth, however, […]

Online Library For College Students

by Ksenija Mincic-Obradovic Written from the perspective of a librarian, this book offers a comprehensive overview of the impact of e-books on academic libraries. The author discusses advantages to both researchers and librarians and provides current examples of innovative uses of e-books in academic contexts. This book reviews the current situation in e-book publishing, and […]

An Online Library For Free

by Fabrice Papy The technological interoperability of digital libraries must be rethought in order to adapt to new uses and networks. Informative digital environments aimed at responding to heritage, cultural, scientific or commercial demands have taken over the global cyberspace and have redesigned the techno-informative landscape of the Web. However, while the technological models demonstrate […]

Textbook Of Economic Theory

by T. Negishi This volume aims to interest students of modern economic theory in the history of economics. For this purpose, past economic theories are considered from the point of view of current economic theories and translated, if possible and necessary, into mathematical models. It is emphasized that the currently dominating mainstream theory is not […]

Data Mining Handbook

by Robert Nisbet, Gary Miner, Ken Yale Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications, Second Edition, is a comprehensive professional reference book that guides business analysts, scientists, engineers and researchers, both academic and industrial, through all stages of data analysis, model building and implementation. The handbook helps users discern technical and business problems, understand […]