Contract with America

Contract with America

Authors : Newt Gingrich, Richard K. Armey, Ed Gillespie, Bob Schellhas
Publisher : Times Books
Published Date : 1994
ISBN-13 : 9780812925869
Page : 196 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Contract with America

The November 1994 midterm elections were a watershed event, making possible a Repbulican majority in Congress for the first time in forty years. Contract with America, by Newt Gingrich, the new Speaker of the House, Dick Armey, the new Majority Leader, and the House Republicans, charts a bold new political strategy for the entire country. The ten-point program, which forms the basis of this book, was announced in late September. It received the signed support of more than 300 GOP canditates. Their pledge: “If we break this contract, throw us out”. Contract with America fleshes out the vision and provides the details of the program that swept the GOP to victory. Among the pressing issues addressed in this important book are: balancing the budget, stopping crime, reforming welfare, reinforcing families, enhancing fairness for seniors, strengthening national defense, cutting government regulations, promoting legal reform, considering term limits, and reducing taxes.

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