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The 8-Hour Diet
by David Zinczenko, Peter Moore

A paradigm-shifting diet plan that allows you to eat anything you want, as much as you want—and still strip away 20, 40, 60 pounds, or more.

After conducting extensive research at the Salk Institute and the National Institute on Aging, poring over copious amounts of new research in intermittent fasting, and engaging 2,000 people for a test panel, bestselling authors David Zinczenko and Peter Moore determined that people can lose remarkable amounts of weight eating the foods they like best—as long as they eat within a set 8-hour time period. Fasting is, of course, an ancient spiritual and health practice, but it’s also a way to sidestep many of the ills of the modern world—including diabetes, heart disease, and cognitive impairment.

Zinczenko and Moore demonstrate how simply observing this timed-eating strategy, even just three days a week, will reset your metabolism so that you can enter fat-burning mode first thing in the morning—and stay there all day long. And by focusing on eight critical, nutrient-rich Powerfoods, you can build in a second layer of protection against Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and even the common cold.

In the book, you will find motivating strategies, delicious recipes, and an 8-minute workout routine to maximize calorie burn. The 8-Hour Diet promises to strip away unwanted pounds and give you the focus and willpower you need to reach your goals for weight loss and life.

16:8 Intermittent Fasting
by Jaime Rose Chambers

The health benefits of intermittent fasting (IF) are now indisputable. Already proven to be an excellent way to control your weight, thereby reducing the risks of obesity-related illnesses, recent studies have also shown that it can lower cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, protect against heart disease and improve glucose control.

Jaime Chambers is a practising dietitian with a clinic full of patients looking for advice on how to manage their weight. As a recent convert to part-day IF, she now prescribes this method as a matter of course, as it’s by far the easiest and most effective tool for healthy weight control that she’s seen.

This book provides everything you need to know about part-day IF (16:8) and full-day IF (5:2) plus 40 delicious, nutritionally replete recipes. You can tailor the program to suit your lifestyle and individual health profile, and choose which elements suit you best. There are meal plans to help you incorporate fasting into your week, plus real-life success stories that will inspire you to give it a go.

This is a specially formatted fixed layout ebook that retains the look and feel of the print book.

The Intermittent Fasting 16/8 Lifestyle
by Jasmine Carter

Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, and no matter how many different diets you go on, you always seem to be stuck at this same stupid weight?
Would you love to finally lose that stupid fat that doesn’t want to go away, even though you listened to all these self-proclaimed diet gurus?
Do you hate the feeling of feeling hungry, deprived and powerless after regular diets?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this quick and simple diet book is exactly the help you need and deserve.

A systematic review of 40 studies in 2015 by Dr. Radhika V. Seimon found that Intermittent Fasting was effective for weight loss, with a typical loss of 7-11 pounds over 10 weeks.

Also, metabolic expert Dr. Deborah Wexler, Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Diabetes Center and associate professor at Harvard Medical School explains that there is evidence to suggest that the circadian rhythm fasting approach, where meals are restricted to an eight to 10-hour period of the daytime, is effective compared to other diets.

Unfortunately, most people never tap into 10% of their potential for a reliable, quick and painless Intermittent Fasting diet.

In ‘The Intermittent Fasting 16/8 Lifestyle’ you’ll discover:

  • Why these scientifically proven methods could help you to do possibly the easiest diet you have ever done (it works even if you don’t eat the foods that are recommended!)

  • How our 7-point-protocol allows you to lose weight without EVER having to exercise or counting calories

  • The latest scientific research combined with practical tips in a handy Do’s and Don’ts section to make you an Intermittent Fasting expert in no time

  • The EXACT lifestyle habits you should avoid and the little helpers who could alleviate your food cravings quicker than you might think!

  • Simple practical hacks for everyday situations like what to do when eating out, how to track your success properly etc (we have anticipated all the potential pitfalls for you!)

  • An actionable 10-day Intermittent Fasting Routine to quickstart the weight loss for immediate results

  • 13 Myths debunked for longterm weight loss and to break free from the Yo-Yo effect for good

  • The absolute worst traps you should avoid at all costs and how to recover from these setbacks even if you fall into them (this information alone has the potential to transform somebody life!)

…and much, much more!

Even if you have already tried everything else without success, the extensive advice and treatments in this guide will provide you with new and different angles to tackle your weight loss and finally reach your goal.

By relying on both the latest scientific research and actual experience from lifelong practitioners, ‘The Intermittent Fasting 16/8 Lifestyle’ is your comprehensive compendium for an easy, natural way to let unwanted fat melt away.

You will be amazed how practical and well thought-out our protocols and regiments are and wonder why nobody told you about this new way to diet before.

So if you want to finally access the solutions your doctor doesn’t know and improve your health dramatically with just one single concept, click “Add to Cart” now!

★★ Buy the Paperback version and get the Kindle eBook version included for FREE! ★★

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss a Beginners Guide to 16: 8
by Robert Paxton

What If Low Calorie Diets Are The Reason You Can”t Get Results? Imagine walking into a clothing store and feeling sexy and confident in everything you try on without following a diet that”s impossible to stick to.
Picture feeling confident, sexy and vibrant without counting a single calorie

Being overweight my entire childhood, all of my teenage years, and the better part of my 20”s left me longing for a body I could feel confident in; and envious of everyone getting results on diets I barely dropped a pound on…..

After years of struggling I found Intermittent Fasting, A method people all around the world use to achieve sustainable health and weight loss.

You”re probably thinking that”s exactly what every other diet you”ve failed claimed. I was the same at first….

If I couldn”t stick to every other diet I”ve tried due to my busy schedule and lack of discipline what makes this any different?… Good question!

The Difference Between Fasting And Other Diets Is It”s Easily Followed Long Term

There is more emphasis on when you eat rather than what you eat. This allows you to enjoy the food you love without beating yourself up. A factor not found in other diets.

Ok fine I want to try it, but how is this book any different from all the others….

I learnt during my own journey to Lose Weight and gain confidence that action and adherence is what gets stuff done. A book can be valuable and lay out all the science, but if you”re left at the end unsure of how to start then guess what?….It won”t work!

That”s why I”ve condensed everything I”ve learnt from my journey and that of the hundreds of clients I”ve trained, into a short, straight to the point book with easy steps anyone can follow Without Counting A Single Calorie

This book includes:

  • A Complete 30 Day Guide
  • The Best Exercise For Fat Burning
  • The Third MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR to burn fat Outside of Diet and Exercise You Were Never Told
  • The Number One Fact You Didn”t Know About Low Calorie Diets And Much, Much More!

FREE Bonus: Online Coaching So You Never Run Out Of Motivation No great journey was done without companions! That”s why for a limited time we”re giving away FREE Life Time Memberships to our private Facebook support group. Here you”ll have ongoing support from me, and hundreds of others on the same journey….Long after you finish the book.

Preview: Chapter 1 Why Low Calorie Diets Don”t Work Why Low-Calorie Diets Don”t Work Have you ever tried lowering your calories to lose weight? Did it work long term? Could you keep the weight you lost off? If you”re reading this book, my guess is that it didn”t, and you”re not alone. Data from the UK show 1 in 124 obese women get results using this method, meaning the nutrition guidelines some professionals are following have a 99.5% fail rate. A quick goggle of what happened to the contestants on the hit TV series “The Biggest Loser” should be enough to put you off this method. This show is a classic example of why moving more and eating less only works in the short term, if at all. There is a reason there are few reunion shows. So why are low calorie diets flawed? A study on 14 contestants on the biggest loser show revealed some alarming results six years after filming had finished. The initial results were impressive but as the study showed, they were short lived. Below are results of some of the factors tested.


  • Average weight before filming: 328 lb/ 148 kg
  • Average weight after 30 weeks on the show: 199 lb/ 90 kg
  • Average weight six years after final: 290 lb/131 kg

    As you can see, contestants lost weight during filming, but struggled to maintain it.

    Download now to discover why this happened and prevent it happening to you

The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet
by Michael Mosley

Discover the groundbreaking method to defeat diabetes without drugs using the step-by-step diet plans and recipes from #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Michael Mosley.

The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet is a radical new approach to the biggest health epidemic threatening us today…

Our modern diet, high in low-quality carbohydrates, is damaging our bodies—producing a constant overload of sugar in our bloodstream that clogs up our arteries and piles hidden fat into our internal organs. The result has been a doubling in the number of type 2 diabetics, as well as a surge in those with a potentially hazardous condition—prediabetes. It is now known that even moderately elevated blood sugar levels can trigger heart disease, stroke, dementia, and cancer.

But scientists have recently demonstrated that you can prevent and even reverse type 2 diabetes with a simple change in diet and lifestyle. Drawing on the work of Dr. Roy Taylor—one of the UK’s foremost diabetes experts—and his own experience as a one-time diabetic, Dr. Michael Mosley presents a groundbreaking, science-based, 8-week plan for diabetics who want to reverse their condition (and then stay off medication). He also offers a more flexible regime for people interested in the extensive health benefits to be gained from lowering their blood sugar levels and shedding dangerous fat.

As Dr. Mosley says, it is never too late to act.

Mayo Clinic Diet
by Mayo Clinic

Discover Mayo Clinic’s first-ever weight-loss diet, and the last diet you’ll ever need!

Bogus “Mayo Clinic diets”—based on everything from cabbage soup to grapefruit to bacon—have been circulating for decades. These diets have no connection to Mayo Clinic, but their popularity told us that people are hungry for a diet based on Mayo’s research and clinical experience. So, here it is— for real—The Mayo Clinic Diet.

In our work with literally thousands of patients every week over many years, we’ve identified the leading habits of people who maintain a healthy weight, and the habits of those who don’t.

We’ve boiled this research down to five simple habits to help you take off the extra weight—and five habits to break so that you can keep it from coming back.

Plus, we’ve made it easy. You don’t have to sit down and read The Mayo Clinic Diet cover to cover. Instead, use this step-by-step program to lose weight the same way you gained it—one day at a time. Because what works is keeping it simple!

• In Part 1—“Lose It!” is a two-week quick start for losing 6 to 10 pounds in a safe and healthy way. That’s real results, real fast!

• In Part 2—“Live It!” helps you continue losing 1 to 2 pounds a week until you reach your goal. Then, learn to maintain your healthy weight for life.

• In Part 3—“All the Extra Stuff!” contains meal planners, recipes, tips on overcoming challenges and much more to help you along the way.

The Mayo Clinic Diet puts you in charge of reshaping your body and your lifestyle by adopting healthy habits and breaking unhealthy ones. This book offers a plan for a sustainable lifestyle, not just a diet. Discover better health through better weight management by following The Mayo Clinic Diet.

The Diet Cure
by Julia Ross

More than 100,000 copies later, this breakthrough program is more effective than ever substantially revised and updated to include the author’s latest clinical research.

For the more than 160 million overweight Americans, dieting is a failure. Based on more than twenty years of proven clinical results, The Diet Cure‘s revolutionary approach curbs food cravings and restores the brain’s mood and appetite chemistry in twenty-four hours. Beginning with her 8-Step Quick Symptom Questionnaire, celebrated nutritional psychotherapist Julia Ross helps readers identify their unique underlying biochemical imbalances and provides targeted strategies to correct those imbalances using nutritional supplements to jump-start the dietary overhaul. Readers then create their own safe, easy-to-follow plan to end low-calorie dieting and food obsessions for good.

The 16-Word Diet
by Jay Wiener

The 16-Word Diet is a once-in-a-generation book – a survival guide for people who are tired of miracle diets and magic pills, and who want common-sense solutions to the complex problems of obesity. Written by mathematician and weight loss expert Jay Wiener, The 16-Word Diet explodes dozens of popular myths about dieting and replaces them with just sixteen words – the simple keys to losing weight permanently and living a longer, healthier life. Here are a few of the many topics covered, written with the author’s remarkable gifts for wisdom and laughter:

  • On Maintenance: Losing weight is hard work, but maintaining a weight loss is hand-to-hand combat. If you don’t learn how to maintain before you start to diet, you will be clobbered.
  • On Goal Setting: Most dieters never choose reasonable goals. Worse, they do no planning before they start, unless you count reading the directions on a bottle of enchanted diet pills as planning.
  • On Fad Diets: The Raw Food Diet is a typical fad. Dieters aren’t allowed to cook their food. Raw vegetables are fine with me, but… Raw pork? Raw chicken? Those dieters may get thinner, but who wants to kiss them?
  • On Binge Eating: I was a binge-eater for twenty years. The most important thing to understand is this: you can stop. Not immediately, of course, but you can learn how to turn massive overeating into mini-binges, and then into micro-binges, and happily live that way forever.
  • On Bad Obesity Research: They studied the effects of diet on ED by asking men to remember how often they had ED. Seriously? I can remember how often I’ve slept in an igloo with Jennifer Lawrence, but not much else.
  • On Temptation: Tempted to indulge in a chocolate croissant at Starbucks? Think of all the teenage baristas who breathed on that croissant before you started to eat it.
  • On Exercise: You hate exercise. Too bad. If you’re serious about losing weight, then stop reading and go for a walk. Buy this book when you come back.

The 16-Word Diet. The most important new diet book in a generation – and fun to read. ********** From the Introduction: People who succeed at losing weight and keeping it off share a secret: they understand that losing weight is not about food. It’s about every part of your life. And that’s why this book is so different from other ‘diet’ books. It doesn’t focus on what you eat; it focusses on how you can live a slimmer, healthier life for the rest of your life. What you eat is an important part of your life, but not the only part. To be successful, you need new skills that will help you live a healthy life at a significantly lower weight.

  • How do you prepare before you start to diet?
  • What are the most common mistakes people make when starting a diet?
  • How do you choose between low-fat and high-fat diets?
  • What makes us slip after months of success? How can we recover?
  • What is the true value of exercise?
  • How can you handle weight-loss plateaus?
  • How should you manage vacations and holidays?

Seven topics (there are many others) and only one is about food – because dieting is about so much more than what you eat. The 16-Word Diet is a rare book. It can change your life.

Not Your Mother’s Diet
by Kathleen Fuller

Not Your Mother’s Diet -The CURE for Your EATING ISSUES fires up your inspiration as the key to “Diet Success.” Dr. Fuller, an intuitive psychotherapist, has something truly extraordinary for you. How does it help you? You can instantly begin to live your life following her suggestions, spiritual exercises, and miracles of your own aha moments to reach your weight and body image dreams. Kathleen will show you that Not Your Mother’s Diet is so simple, regardless of your past attempts at weight control. Kathleen inspired by a power greater then she’s ever known as a leading eating disorder expert, has created one of the most influential & inspiring messages you may ever read or hear. Free MP3 download of the entire book with each book purchase.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects
by Weston A. Price, Trung Nguyen

The answers for perfect teeth, unblemished skin, and pristine hair are in this book. Dr. Price was 75 years ahead of his time. In this book, he demonstrates that isolated groups of people living in accordance with Nature have the best overall physical and mental health. Diseases inflicting “modern” humans are unheard of in most of these study groups. 

Dr. Weston Andrew Price, DDS, was called the “Isaac Newton of Nutrition” and the “Darwin of Nutrition.” This edition of Dr. Price’s classic is modernized with the epub format. It is easier to read on smartphones and tablets. It also includes updated statistics and additional images.

Dr. Price shows that illness, disease, behavior, criminality, anemia, voice, and even cheek-line, are all within the domain of Nutrition. 

“If civilized man is to survive, he must incorporate the fundamentals of primitive nutritional wisdom into his modern lifestyle.” —Dr. Weston A. Price, DDS 

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