The True Story of Catch-22

The True Story of Catch-22

Authors : Patricia Chapman Meder
Publisher : Createspace Independent Pub
Published Date : 2012-09-02
ISBN-13 : 9781479181278
Page : 73 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions The True Story of Catch-22

In 1961, Joseph Heller completed his first novel, Catch-22. This book of chaotic originality, wicked humor, and sobering insights into WWII, became a classic, a masterpiece of fiction. Heller was a B-25 bombardier with the 340th Bomb Group during the war but, after publication, he usually chose to deny any connection between his novel’s unforgettable characters and his war mates. In 2012, however, another book was published. The True Story of Catch-22, written by Patricia Chapman Meder, daughter of the final commander of Heller’s bomb group proved that all was not as it seemed and that profit/loss czar Milo Minderbinder, frantic Hungry Joe, severed Kid Sampson, and a bevy of Joseph Heller’s richly created characters were, in fact, based upon the true-life men of that 340th which was based on Corsica in 1944. Here is that book’s Companion! The True Story of Catch-22 ILLUSTRATED is the visual compliment and partner to The True Story. In rich, vibrant color the full-blown characters of Heller’s novel surge forward to face their true-life counterparts. The illustrated fictional characters colorfully lighting up each left page come to life in the manner of Catch-22, sometimes irreverent, sly, rarely subtle, and often absurdly funny. In stark contrast, and anchoring the opposing right page, are their rock-steady and combat trained opposite numbers each offering unique first person narratives. Their sepia-toned pages are enriched by an abundance of rare and previously unpublished photographs. Its larger 8.5″x11″ format does justice to the details of 82 pages of art, photography, and narrative. With the current publication of The True Story of Catch-22 and its colorful Companion, a new perspective has been added as they highlight the missing ingredient in Heller’s original novel, that of actual fact. Now, at long last, these two books add the final dimension to the lionized Catch-22.

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