The Prophecies of Nostradamus

The Prophecies of Nostradamus

Authors : R. K. Murthi
Publisher : Pustak Mahal
Published Date : 2001-10-15
ISBN-13 : 9788122304275
Page : 176 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions The Prophecies of Nostradamus

Whatever the rationalists might say, this book remains one of the most amazing products of human mind.Be it the first or second world war, or rise and fall of Hitler, or September 11 incident of terrorist attack on twin towers of New York, or any other incident in history… it is all there, long predicted by Nostradamus.It takes a fresh look at the predictions with expert analysis and commentaries. Also, many of the predictions even refer to Indian events and personalities. This book invites you to ponder over various details of these ageless revelations of a profound sage.

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