The Hormone “Shift”

The Hormone “Shift”

Authors : Dawn M. Cutillo
Publisher : Balboa Press
Published Date : 2012-03-28
ISBN-13 : 9781452542294
Page : 284 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions The Hormone “Shift”

Would you like to lose five pounds, stop your hot flashes and sleep better, THIS WEEK?

These results are attainable when your hormones get into balance. The author explains how natural, safe solutions can bring fast results that last.

From her twenty-three years of experience in the health field, and after helping thousands of women at her Lancaster, Pa. health center, she has noted growing trends that ALL stem from a simple hormone imbalance:

The inability for women to lose weight efficiently after the age of 35 due to a slowed metabolism. The increased use of strong mood medications for depression/anxiety that do not improve mood satisfactorily for most women and also cause unpleasant side effects. The increase in fatigue experienced by women and the increased use of synthetic thyroid medication that does not satisfactorily resolve all the womans symptoms. The increased use of the birth control pill for heavy, painful periods and menstrual irregularity that temporarily solves the problem but will cause health issues over time. The increased number of ablations, hysterectomies and other invasive procedures performed for cysts, fibroids, endometriosis. Women still fear breast cancer due to not knowing its true cause.

CONCLUSION: Frustration is rising due to NOT getting validation about concerns or answers on these issues from the medical field or health/nutrition industry!

Are Your Hormones Imbalanced?

Perhaps your hormones have shifted a bit due to stress, age, pregnancy or menopause. Are you left feeling frustrated from trying to deal with many issues that do not seem to respond to diet, exercise, herbs, medication or even surgical procedures?

Learn the ONE MAIN hormonal shift that occurs in almost all American women, starting at puberty and peaking around menopause along with its ONE MAIN origin.

The author will give you simple steps on how to reverse this hormonal shift so that within a month you can be:

Losing weight quickly (even if NOTHING worked up until now) Relieving your hot flashes/night sweats Deepening your sleep Easing your anxiety/irritability and mood swings Seeing your depression lift Regulating your menstrual cycle – easing symptoms of PMS Decreasing your chance of female-related cancers Reversing your other PMS/menopausal symptoms or conditions that affect your overall health.

You will understand that when hormones are balanced you will look and feel your best while preventing female-related cancersand slowing the aging process as an extra benefit!

If you are one of the many women saying.

These constant hot flashes are driving me crazy!

Is everyone around me trying to get on my last nerve?

Im counting FLOCKS of sheep and still cant sleep!

Im working out, eating like a bird and cant lose a single pound!

Sex? Are you kidding? Id rather be sleeping or eating.

My thyroid medicine just doesnt seem like its helping me lose weight.

“Depressed? Thats an understatement, nothing is really fun anymore.

This book is a must-read!

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