80S Mens Fashion

80s Fashion for Men and Women (Large Print)
by Alexis Dickinson

The 1980s decade intrigues today’s fashion designers, fashion lovers, and partygoers. As nostalgic Baby Boomers approach retirement, their children and grandchildren want to know all about the 80s. Alexis Dickinson captures the full range of fashion styles and themes throughout the decade. The fashion of the 1980s is actually a combination of many trends and historic firsts. Exploring 1980s decade’s fashion and pop culture provides rich insight into what was happening in the country and around the world. Yuppies–Young, Urban Professional Persons–made and spent a lot of money. Royalty and governments also reflected Yuppie perspectives. Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in a fairy tale wedding and later became a fashion icon. The U.S. stock market soared. Two Hollywood movie stars, Ronald Reagan and Nancy, his wife, were elected to office. The wall separating East and West Berlin came down, signaling a new global economy. Whether readers plan to host or attend a 1980s party, “80s Fashion for Men and Women: Clothes to Create Your 80s Fashion Look” by Alexis Dickinson is a readable, go-to guide for an authentic 1980s look. Choose major fashion trends by year; print easy-to-use makeup and hair style guides “80s Fashion for Men and Women: Clothes to Create Your 80s Fashion Look” brings the themes, styles and details necessary to make a convincing costume or impress friends with popular culture perspectives of the day.

80s Fashion
by Sonnet Stanfill

In 80s Fashion, the V&A explores one of the most diverse and exciting periods in fashion history, showcasing the work of some of the decade’s leading designers, including Vivienne Westwood, Fiorucci, Leigh Bowery, Bodymap, Rifat Ozbek, and many others. Exploring the decade’s extraordinarily creative exchange between fashion and music, this extensively illustrated book shows how fashions seen on trendsetters in the clubs of the period were interpreted for a wider audience through the striking photography and innovative graphic design of key magazines such as The Face and i-D. Casting new light on the designs of the decade, 80s Fashion includes interviews and previously unseen original material from designers’ archives.

by Johnson Publishing Company

EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.

Fashion Forward
by Lora Ann Luster

Step into a thrift shop or your grandma’s closet, and you’ve stepped into a world of fashion possibilities. Learn how to wear those fashion finds or how to create the looks yourself. From styling finger waves in your hair to creating your own pill box hat, let your look build on the best fashions from decades past. Go retro with style!

American Family of the 1980s Paper Dolls
by Tom Tierney

From the decade that introduced Oprah to a national TV audience, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, and witnessed the demise of the Berlin Wall come a variety of clothing styles for a multi-generational family. Ten dolls are accompanied by 30 costumes that include shirtdresses, tunics, leotards, business suits, windbreakers, denim jeans, and wedding apparel, as well as sneakers, baseball caps, and other accessories. A delight for collectors, paper doll fans, and anyone with sentimental memories of the 1980s.

Start Your Own Clothing Store and More
by Entrepreneur Press

Are you a fashionista? Do you love working with people? Do you dream of owning and running your own business? Take a chance and start a clothing business—all you need to get up and running is your dream and this guide. Whether you’re interested in selling today’s hottest fashions or you’d rather start a specialty boutique, such as a children’s store, bridal shop, vintage store, consignment shop or something of your own invention, this book helps you make it big. It gives you the inside scoop on starting a clothing store, including: • How to spot trends and take advantage of them before your competitors do • Valuable money-saving tips for the startup process • Whether to purchase a franchise or existing business or start your dream store from scratch • How to find, hire and train the best employees • How to skyrocket your earnings by branding your clothes with your own private label • The pros and cons of having an on-staff personal shopper • And more! If you know how to dress for success, let Entrepreneur help you turn your fashion sense into a clothing empire.

by W. David Marx

Look closely at any typically “American” article of clothing these days, and you may be surprised to see a Japanese label inside. From high-end denim to oxford button-downs, Japanese designers have taken the classic American look-known as ametora, or “American traditional”-and turned it into a huge business for companies like Uniqlo, Kamakura Shirts, Evisu, and Kapital. This phenomenon is part of a long dialogue between Japanese and American fashion; in fact, many of the basic items and traditions of the modern American wardrobe are alive and well today thanks to the stewardship of Japanese consumers and fashion cognoscenti, who ritualized and preserved these American styles during periods when they were out of vogue in their native land.

In Ametora, cultural historian W. David Marx traces the Japanese assimilation of American fashion over the past hundred and fifty years, showing how Japanese trendsetters and entrepreneurs mimicked, adapted, imported, and ultimately perfected American style, dramatically reshaping not only Japan’s culture but also our own in the process.

The Totally Awesome 80s Pop Music Trivia Book
by Michael-Dante Craig

The Totally Awesome 80s!

If you can name all the members of Duran Duran, lip synch with perfection to a song by Milli Vanilli, or out-dance Madonna in her “Lucky Star” music video, then this is the perfect book for you! It’s all here, from a-ha to ZZ Top. So, slip on your leg warmers or your “Frankie Says Relax” shirt, open a can of New Coke, and put on a Culture Club CD, it’s time to take a trip back to the Wild and Wacky 80s, the most totally awesome decade of all time!

Open up this book and you’re sure to have a gnarly good time!!!

by Maria Luisa Frisa, Stefano Tonchi

Producing a book on fashion in the 1980s is not merely a question of immortalizing one of the most feverish periods of invention, creativity and variety in our recent history. It also means providing a window on the increasingly pervasive advance of show-business society, and on the origins of the designer “total living” environment in which we are now permanently submerged. Ralph Lauren pillowcases, anyone? How about a sip of Absolut from my Calvin Klein Home champagne glasses? “Excess: Fashion and the Underground in the 80s” chronicles the achievements of the fashion establishment in Italy and the rest of the world via its protagonists and trends. It considers the who, what, where, when and why of an industry that has become an economic phenomenon, with enormous influence on global culture and communication. It catalogues a world in which fashions by Armani, Versace, Valentino, Gianfranco Ferré, Fendi, Missoni, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Fiorucci, Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Katherine Hamnett, Azzedine Alaëa, Calvin Klein, and John Galliano appear in magazines like “Vogue, Elle, Donna, Mondo Uomo, Harper’s Bazaar, The Face, i-D, Interview, Vanity Fair, GQ” and “Visionaire.” It features work by 80s hotshot artists like Helmut Newton, Bruce Weber, Cindy Sherman, Nan Goldin, Andy Warhol, Jenny Holzer, Robert Mapplethorpe, Barbara Kruger, Gilbert & George, Pierre et Gilles and Leigh Bowery. Empirically organized as an index, “Excess” offers an indispensable point of reference for fashionistas, critics and students. Rather than operating chronologically, it functions thematically, under such categories as Career Women, Sexy Women, American Gigolo, Night Clubbing, Wild Boys, Yuppies, and Graffiti. A special section curated by Peter de Potter is dedicated to the Neo Œ80s, featuring fashions by Jeremy Scott, Louis Vuitton, Berhard Willhelm, Balenciaga, Veronique Branquinho and Bottega Veneta, as seen in the pages of “Butt, Dazed & Confused, SleazeNation, Spin, Self Service” and “Another Magazine.” Additionally included are a series of appendices–equally balanced between mainstream and underground–which catalogue the new professions, new words and new fashions.

2018 – DEBBIES BOOK(R) 30th Edition
by Debbie Hemela

2018 Debbies Book® 30th Edition Digital/Printable Book

5 ways to experience Debbies Book®!

• Physical book for users who want to hold it in their hands
• Printable book for users who want to print certain pages
• Searchable eBook PDF with the full exported database
• Mobile App for iOS & Android Devices
• Blog featuring how-tos, vendors and news

The book is organized by categories in alphabetical order. Addresses for Prop Houses and Costume Rental Houses are only displayed in the Prop House and Costume Rental House categories to save space.

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