New Slavery

New Slavery

Authors : Kevin Bales
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Published Date : 2004
ISBN-13 : 9781851098156
Page : 273 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions New Slavery

New Slavery: A Reference Handbook is as scholarly as it is shocking–a gripping account of modern slavery, from Pakistan to Paris, Nepal to New York. From bonded laborers in India and prostitutes in Thailand to illegal domestic workers in Kuwait, Tokyo, and London, this book surveys the grim and violent world of contemporary forced labor, human trafficking, and slavery.

More commonly associated with the horrors of 19th-century cotton plantations or Nazi concentration camps, slave labor remains alive and well. Despite antislavery laws in almost every country, slavery today is booming– fueled by poverty, war, organized crime, and globalization. This book is both a serious study and an essential guide for policy makers, human rights lawyers, labor activists, and all those concerned with the ongoing fight against this timeless evil.

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