Dracula’s Desires

Dracula’s Desires

Authors : Linda Mercury
Publisher : eKensington
Published Date : 2012-09-20
ISBN-13 : 9781601830227
Page : 194 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Dracula’s Desires

Revealing herself as the Dracula of legend, much less a woman, should have been Valerie Tate’s greatest challenge. But with her longing for blood quenched by the one man she couldn’t resist, Valerie now finds herself in an impossible circumstance. . .

Out Of The Shadows. . .

It’s a fact that vampires do not get pregnant. But Valerie is definitely pregnant. Worse, six months ago her lover, Lance Soleil, abandoned her. Determined to find answers, Valerie goes on a quest–one that leads her to Lance’s childhood friend, John Janté, a man with whom she shares a strong bond–and an intense lust. But when John is kidnapped, Valerie’s attempt to rescue him uncovers more than she bargained for. . .

Into The Fire. . .

Scouring parallel realms and pocket dimensions, Valerie soon finds that Lance has regained Paradise as Angel of the Lost. . .John is hostage in a bizarre world that resembles Victorian London. . .and most shocking of all, Valerie’s greatest love may be within her reach once more. For the soul of Dracula’s dead wife, Ilona, is trapped within John’s captor, a mad woman robbed of her humanity and manipulated by a conspiracy of Fallen Angels. Now, torn between past and present loves, Valerie must contend with emotions that threaten to break her. And in a desperate show-down, the reunited triad of a vampire, an angel, and a human, must face their deepest fears–with the future of an unborn angel-to-be in the balance. . .

Before becoming an author, Linda Mercury had varied careers, including librarian, art model, and professional clown. She holds advanced degrees in both History and Library/Information Science. She lives in Oregon with her husband.

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