Authors : David P. Leonard, Victor J. Gold
Publisher : Aspen Publishers
Published Date : 2004
ISBN-13 : 9780735537125
Page : 798 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Evidence

This new casebook makes evidence law easier to teach and to learn. By taking a unique structured approach to the Socratic method, the authors cover all of the core material in a book than can be taught thoroughly in one semester.
Here is how the structured approach works:
One of the Federal Rules of Evidence introduces each section, followed by test and examples explaining the background, rationale and details of the rule.
Every textual excerpt is followed by Questions for Classroom Discussion, a series of hypotheticals, each of which illustrates a single aspect of the rule and builds on the preceding questions until the rule is fully explored; knowing what questions will be posed in class encourages students to prepare and allows them to study efficiently.
Edited cases supplement the rule and explanatory text where appropriate.
EVIDENCE: A Structured Approach also provides:
Seminal cases that every literate lawyer must know.
Explanatory transcripts, charts & diagrams.
Strong coverage of chains of inferences to demonstrate the reasoning process from an item of evidence to the fact it was offered to prove.
Citations to authorities that students can consult for additional explanations and analysis.
A detailed Teachers Manual with analysis of all Questions for Classroom Discussion, capsule descriptions of each case, additional questions, readings, teaching tips and suggested syllabi.

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