Independent Study for Gifted Learners

Independent Study for Gifted Learners

Authors : Frances A. Karnes, Susan K. Johnsen, Krystal Goree
Publisher : Prufrock Press Inc.
Published Date : 2005
ISBN-13 : 9781593630164
Page : 49 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Independent Study for Gifted Learners

Independent study is one of the most frequently recommended instructional strategies for differentiating and individualizing instruction for gifted students. When compared to learning styles of more average students, gifted students like instructional strategies that emphasize independence such as in-depth study and discussion.

Allow your gifted students to study a high-interest topic with depth and complexity. This book offers the advice you need to help your gifted students explore important content and show their learning in creative and innovative ways. From selecting a topic, to using innovative research strategies, to reporting results in an interesting way, this book shows you how to help your students succeed at independent study.

This is one of the books in Prufrock Press’ popular Practical Strategies Series in Gifted Education. This series offers a unique collection of tightly focused books that provide a concise, practical introduction to important topics concerning the education of gifted children. The guides offer a perfect beginner’s introduction to key information about gifted and talented education.

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