Authors : Jade Royal
Publisher : Independently Published
Published Date : 2019-03-07
ISBN-13 : 9781798685365
Page : 340 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Seduced

So easily defined, but not easily attained. Seduction was more than just physical. It was raw. It was powerful. It burns slowly like a dormant volcano until it erupts to sweet ecstasy. One can only ask for seduction if they were ready to handle it. In this heated book, two bodies in search for that missing part of their sex life happen to stumble upon each other. The crack of lust that sizzled between Reign Gibson and Giselle Parker was not easily ignored. Passion consumed their bodies and burned slowly down to their souls. Mesmerized by the seduction they both exuded, Reign and Giselle were hungry for the sins of the flesh. It was easy to get lost in their burning flames, but it was going to be hell to come out unscathed. Though they found each other they soon learned that wanting someone was very different from needing someone. And when they came to the realization that they needed each other to fix their otherwise vacant love life, they were going to have to conquer a battlefield to hold onto each other.

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