Nice and Easy (Boys of the Big Easy)

Nice and Easy (Boys of the Big Easy)

Authors : Erin Nicholas
Publisher : En Fiction, Incorporated
Published Date : 2019-02-12
ISBN-13 : 9780999890769
Page : 280 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Nice and Easy (Boys of the Big Easy)

New Orleans firefighter, Caleb Moureu had to trade body shots and hot all-nighters for sippy cups and actual up-all-night fevers when his sister was killed, leaving his niece in his care. But two years in, he’s definitely got the hang of this fatherhood thing. Of course, he couldn’t do it without nanny-turned-friend and fellow single parent, Lexi. Because of her, things have always been pretty easy.

Getting pregnant and going it alone wasn’t in Lexi’s plans, but thanks to Caleb, she’s doing okay. He’s helped her out with everything from diapers to car repairs over the years. So, when she suddenly needs a place to live, of course Caleb steps up. That’s just what he does. This is a simple favor, like everything else.

Until a hot kiss, the very first night under the same roof-of course- changes everything…

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