Authors : Jilly Cooper
Publisher : Ballantine Books
Published Date : 1989
ISBN-13 : 9780345359377
Page : 465 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Players

A riotous #1 British bestseller about life and love in the glitzy world of television

They are four rich and famous rivals, four experts in the game of power, four fierce competitors and lovers vying for control of an empire. . . .

Cameron Cook: Beautiful, sleek, and ambitious, she is an American network executive who’d do anything to succeed–no matter what the cost.

Tony Baddingham: A vain and unscrupulous business tycoon, he makes Cameron the top producer at his ailing franchise–very convenient, as she’s also his mistress.

Rupert Campbell-Black: A handsome and sophisticated playboy, he is Tony’s nemesis–and every woman’s obsession.

Declan O’Hara: A charismatic talk show host, he finds life at Tony’s TV station intolerable–until he takes a risk that could ruin his life forever.

From the behind-the-scenes machinations of top-secret takeovers to the glamorous pleasures of the aristocratic rich, from the agonies of obsession to the passions and betrayals of men and women used to getting what they want, this sizzling, sprawling novel is one you will never forget.

“Jilly Cooper . . . spins a yarn like a speed-loom with pace and verve.”–The Times (London)

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