Faerie Swap

Faerie Swap

Authors : Anthea Sharp
Publisher : Fiddlehead Press
Published Date :
ISBN-13 : 9781680130263
Page : 158 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Faerie Swap

Stolen away by the faeries…

Two parallel tales of a changeling’s adventures in the real world and a boy’s experience in the treacherous and magical Dark Court of the Faerie Realm. Making unexpected allies along the way, will either of them be rescued, or will Korrigan and The Bug be forced to dwell forever in a world not their own?

Includes the linked Feyland novellas How to Babysit a Changeling and The Bug in the Dark Court

*Plus a bonus story!* REAL CHALLENGE: A Spark Jaxley Adventure

Sometimes, the true test isn’t what you think…

Top-rated gamer Spark Jaxley has made it to the World Championships, ready to give the competition her all. The stakes are high, the gaming is fierce, and her entire future is riding on the outcome. In the end, will she make the right choice?

KEYWORDS: Changeling, folklore, YA action adventure, Holly Black, Unseelie Court, faerie, fae, stolen away child, Feyguard, Melissa Marr, Spiderwick, Portal Fantasy, Narnia

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