Little Book of Vintage Crime

Little Book of Vintage Crime

Authors : Tim Pilcher
Publisher : Octopus Publishing Group
Published Date : 2012-03
ISBN-13 : 9781908150370
Page : 112 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Little Book of Vintage Crime

These small, but perfectly formed, compiliations of kitsch and kooky images come complete with fascinating facts and weird and wonderful tales. Stuffed with kitsch art from classic Fifties comics, they will amaze the reader whether they are searching for supernatural thrills, nostalgic romance or thrilling battles, and the appealing mini format makes them an irresistible impulse buy. Each book has a fascinating introduction to the featured genre, and every one contains complete strips, text stories, unusual adverts and mind-blowing covers. As an added bonus, each book has a free fridge magnet, making them the perfect quirky gift, either individually or as a whole set!

This mini-book comes complete with fascinating Crime Fighting facts and inside information about Smuggler’s Tricks and Gang Leaders. From wiseguys to the cops that stop them, this little nugget of cult craziness serves as a warning, “Crime Does Not Pay!”

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