Authors : Paul Pearce
Publisher : Independently Published
Published Date : 2019-07-11
ISBN-13 : 9781095341964
Page : 172 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions PORTUGUESE WATER DOG Expert Dog Training

Take the fast and easy path to Portuguese Water Dog training that helps you form a loving bond that lasts a lifetime. This is your complete guide for training and understanding Portuguese Water Dogs. From respected dog training author Paul Allen Pearce whose techniques have successfully trained millions of dogs worldwide. This book will help you immediately apply what you will learn and quickly attain noticeable results.

All that is needed is a little gumption to follow the instructions contained inside, and soon you and your pal will be frolicking and enjoying the inimitable bond between dog and owner.

Whether a puppy or an adult Portuguese Water Dog, you can shape, teach or change any behavior by using the methods contained inside this training guide.

START TODAY by ordering this Portuguese Water Dog training guide right now and avoid your Portie being an untrained, uncontrollable canine, and instead have a top-notch, well-behaved respected canine citizen that is welcome anywhere.

Portuguese Water Dogs are intelligent dogs, and can learn simple tasks quickly. This is true when you do the right things in the way that Porties completely understand.

What’s the right way to train your Portuguese Water Dog?
It’s named Dogmanship, and part of it is the ability to communicate with your dog the way dogs naturally communicate with each other using body language. A language your puppy already instinctively understands, rather than trying to teach your dog how to speak human. Arf!

This will save you time and a lot of frustration by enabling you to rapidly establish the leadership position, attain behavioral correction the same way professional trainers do, and teach your dog to quickly learn and obey commands.

Special Inside
Find out what every Portuguese Water Dog owner must learn first! Before you “just starting training”.

Simple, Fast and Effective Easy-to-follow training for your puppy or dog, just open it up, read the clear step-by-step training techniques and immediately begin training your Portuguese Water Dog puppy today.

Learn How to Train Your Portuguese Water Dog
– Socialization – the key component for a top-notch canine citizen
– Clicker and reward-based training techniques – how to master and effectively use them
– House training – Crate training – Leash training, including “Heel”
– All commands Portuguese Water Dog puppies should learn E.g. sit, stay, come, down, drop it, leave it, etc.
– Behavioral correction – how to stop barking, digging, jumping and nipping
– Understanding canine body language – “Think Like a Dog”
– How and when to use treats and rewards – Nutrition – Basic caring and grooming of your Portuguese Water Dog for a long, happy life together

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Portuguese Water Dog training success depends upon your happiness, attention, attitude and approach. It’s an easy philosophy, more fun improves the training experience for you and your dog, so remember to laugh and smile.

Paul Allen Pearce
Dog Trainer and Author

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