Radical Philosophy of Law

Radical Philosophy of Law

Authors : David S. Caudill
Publisher : Prometheus Books, Publishers
Published Date : 1995-03
ISBN-13 : 9781573924962
Page : 386 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Radical Philosophy of Law

Radical Philosophy of Law represents a cross section of contemporary critiques of the legal establishment—its theoretical foundations and its institutions and processes. Recognizing that proposals for alternatives to mainstream legal theory and practice do not belong to any single discipline, Caudill and Gold select essays by scholars in philosophy, sociology, criminology, and political theory, in addition to law professors and practitioners. Recognizing, as well, that no single perspective dominates radical legal theory, the essays exemplify the approaches associated with Marxian and neo-Marxian analyses, American Critical Legal Studies and Critical Race Theory, radical feminism, semiotics, liberal theology, and psychoanalytic theory and criticism.

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