Private Disclosures

Private Disclosures

Authors : Raleigh Davis
Publisher : Penny Bright Publishing, LLC
Published Date : 2019-08-16
ISBN-13 :
Page : 300 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Private Disclosures

A heart-wrenching stand-alone about a mysterious billionaire and the woman he’s done waiting for…


Anjie: Dev drew me irresistibly from the moment I saw him. But after five years of working with him, I still don’t understand what drives him. When he breaks with the rest of Bastard Capital, I realize that no one knows him—not even the men he should be closest to. 

When the chance comes for us to finally act on our simmering attraction, I have to say no. A man that closed off will only break my heart. No matter how badly I want to break into his…

Dev: There’re only two things to know about me: my past is a complete mystery to me, and Anjie’s the only woman I’ve ever wanted. I’ve cut away everything in pursuit of my past. I’ve even made deals with my greatest enemy. And to win Anjie, I’ll make a deal with the devil himself if I have to.

Everything I’ve ever wanted is almost in reach. Once I’ve got the truth about my family and her, I’ll never let go. No matter who threatens them…

Enter the world of Bastard Capital: Unrivaled men. Unimaginable wealth. Unlimited power. 

Books in the Bastard Capital Series

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Unfinished Seductions (Book Two, Logan’s story)

Competitive Instincts (Book Three, Finn’s story)

Intimate Mergers (Book Four, Paul’s story)

Hostile Attractions (Book Five, Elliot’s story)

Private Disclosures (Book Six, Dev’s story) 

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