Evidence-based Social Work

Evidence-based Social Work

Authors : Tony Newman, Alice Moseley, Stephanie Tierney
Publisher : Russell House
Published Date : 2005
ISBN-13 : 9781903855553
Page : 175 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Evidence-based Social Work

Do you want to; base your practice on the best possible evidence of effectiveness?; know how to find information relevant to your decision making?; be able to tell the difference between stronger and weaker evidence?; enable your clients to feel confident they are being served by a well informed professional? If so, then you are working towards being an evidence-based social work practitioner. This book advises you how to: formulate practice questions; find information which can answer these questions; appraise the information for trustworthiness and relevance; build this process into your practice on a regular basis. Evidence-Based Social Work is aimed at professionally qualified practitioners and students. It addresses key aspects of the new three-year social work training programme. Many of the procedures and principles discussed will also be relevant to the broader social care workforce, and to allied professions. This is a resource that explains not only the ‘what’ of evidence-based practice, or the ‘why’, but also the ‘how’.Containing many practical examples and case studies, it is an eminently accessible introduction on how an evidence-based approach to social work can become a reality. As the Director of UK Services at Barnardo’s, Dr. Chris Hanvey, and the Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Social Services at the University of Exeter, Professor Brian Sheldon say in their joint foreword: Now we have a book which not only explains evidence-based social work but illustrates its importance in improving outcomes for those with whom we work. The authors’ achievement is to have combined the best, that is, the most robust and bias-reducing research with a detailed knowledge of the demanding challenges of day-to-day practice. We regard this book as an essential guide to the practicalities of evidence-based practice, and we hope that practitioners and students snap it up.

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