Using Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

Using Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

Authors : Robert Cowart, Brian Knittel
Publisher : Que Publishing
Published Date : 2000
ISBN-13 : 9780789721259
Page : 1506 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Using Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

Special Edition Using Windows 2000 Professional explores the synergy between Windows 2000 Professional and the corporate and Windows power users’ desktop. Windows 2000 Professional is aimed directly at the power user who values the security, stability and networking capabilities of Windows 2000 alongside the ease and familiarity of the Windows 9x user interface. SE Using Windows 2000 covers upgrading from Windows 9x and Windows NT 4, working with the enhanced Windows 2000 interface, setting up Internet connections, configuring network security, working remotely, “Internetworking” with Windows 2000 Server, Windows 9x, Linux, Novell and Macintosh. Also includes extensive coverage of networking (including Virtual Private Networks) customizing the Windows interface and working with the Windows 2000 Registry.

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