Parent and Child

Parent and Child

Authors : Kathleen M. Waddington
Publisher : Balboa Press
Published Date : 2017-03-17
ISBN-13 : 9781504307147
Page : 168 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Parent and Child

Whether by choice or the result of an unpredictable predicament, heading a two-person family is probably not what you anticipated as a youngster looking toward the future. Perhaps you envisioned having a conventional family of your own, but that plan was stumped by illness, separation, divorce, or death of a partner. Or, maybe, you found yourself of an age where the traditional family scenario was no longer obtainable. Whatever the circumstances, single parenting has its challenges.

In Parent and Child, author Kathleen M. Waddington offers practical advice for single parents raising a child on their own. Based on her personal experiences and those of other single parents, she addresses a host of topics, including: living in the moment, family dynamics, keeping the peace, creating your community, discipline, managing stress, the pursuit of happiness, enhancing confidence, and more.

Offering guidance for a variety of stages in the parenting journey, Parent and Child recommends letting go of the fallacy that bigger is better and begin to appreciate the advantages of being part of a smaller family unit. It shows you how to discover ways of embracing challenges fueled with courage, strength, and integrity.

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