Prairie Cowboy

Prairie Cowboy

Authors : Linda Ford
Publisher : Steeple Hill
Published Date : 2011-03
ISBN-13 : 9780373828609
Page : 288 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Prairie Cowboy

Too pretty by half–that’s Miss Virnie White’s problem. Conor Russell has seen what prairie living can do to a delicate female. That’s why he’s raising his daughter, Rachael, to be as tough as any boy. The new schoolteacher may have good intentions, but harsh reality will make her hightail it out of here soon enough.

Delicate–pah! Virnie’s not budging. Little Rachael needs nurturing and guidance, in and out of school. And Rachael’s daddy…well, the headstrong cowboy needs to learn that strength comes in many forms. Yet Virnie isn’t expecting the lesson God has planned for her–that with faith, two wounded souls can build a real family together.

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