Bayou Bad Boys

Bayou Bad Boys

Authors : Nancy Warren, JoAnn Ross, E. C. Sheedy
Publisher : Kensington Books
Published Date : 2005
ISBN-13 : 9780758208514
Page : 314 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Bayou Bad Boys

Cajun Heat, JoAnn Ross
Bad boy bayou movie star Gabriel Broussard has come back to his Louisiana hometown for some peace, but things only heat up the minute he reunites with Emma Quinlan. With her lush body and hearty appetite, she’s no Hollywood matchstick, and oh chere, does he like that.
You Give Me Fever, Nancy Warren
Historian and amateur genealogist Lucy Charles is spending the summer in New Orleans tracing her Acadian family history, and she’s thrilled when she tracks down a distant cousin. Claude LeBlanc is gorgeous, a little rough around the edges, and very rich, having inherited a fortune. But Lucy’s research proves that no one in her family ever made a mint. So where did Claude get the money?
In Good Hands, E.C. Sheedy
How does Esme Shane let her sister talk her into these things? Sketching a zillionaire’s Gulf Island hideaway in exchange for a free vacation is turning out to be no day at the beach. Dane McCoy is just too distracting-and just too sexy for his jeans. She’s about to meet him for beignets and cafe au lait on the patio. But breakfast in bed is a whole lot more tempting. Dane has to be the hottest man under the Louisiana sun…

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