One Last Child

One Last Child

Authors : Antonia Phillips Rabb
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Published Date : 2011-12
ISBN-13 : 9781467039710
Page : 480 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions One Last Child

Have you ever wondered how it all came about, the skyscrapers, the boxes and cans and jars with labels of some special brand or someone’s name? It came about, so often, out of the holds of big ships, where men and their families, or men and women alone, or here and there a courageous youngster, wide-eyed and frightened were discarded like refuse on the docks of this country. And how did they produce the boxes, build the hospitals, the colleges, the churches, make the cars, envision supermarkets and department stores, produce the technology that reaches out to others all over the world and even walk the moon? Here’s how they did it and here’s what sometimes becomes of those who followed.

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