Preaching Luke-Acts

Preaching Luke-Acts

Authors : David Schnasa Jacobsen, Günter Wasserberg
Publisher : Abingdon
Published Date : 2001
ISBN-13 : 9780687099726
Page : 160 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Preaching Luke-Acts

In Preaching Luke–Acts, David Schnasa Jacobsen and Günter Wasserberg introduce preachers to the big picture about Luke–Acts. They provide helpful guidance in seeing how an understanding of the larger scheme and purpose of these books can inform and enliven one’s preaching of the texts. They demonstrate that the author of Luke–Acts wrote out of a specific set of pastoral concerns, and they then relate these concerns to a contemporary context. For example, they provide specific help in understanding the strain of anti-Judaism that runs through the writing. They provide well-detailed examinations of several Luke–Acts texts drawn from the lectionary, placing them in the context of the overall pastoral and theological purpose of the book and outlining a possible sermon to be preached from the text.

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