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Drawn to Sex
by Erika Moen, Matthew Nolan

The first volume in a planned, 3-volume, sex-education series.

Erika and Matthew are ready to talk about sex!

Have you ever had a question about sex, but didn’t know who to ask? Well, Erika and Matthew have spent years learning, talking, and creating informative comics about all aspects of sex. Using comics, jokes, and frank communication, they’re here to demystify the world of sex and answer your questions—including ones you might not even know you had!

In this first book of the Drawn to Sex series, they explore the practical side of sex, from the basics of what defines sex, to barriers and testing, masturbation, and the ins-and-outs of having sex with other people.

Pick up this fun book if you’re looking to learn something new, understand sexuality better, or know someone (maybe you!) who might benefit from some judgment-free education. Erika and Matthew are here to help you out

God of Comics
by Natsu Onoda Power

Cartoonist Osamu Tezuka (1928?1989) is the single most important figure in Japanese post-World War II comics. During his four-decade career, Tezuka published more than 150,000 pages of comics, produced animation films, wrote essays and short fiction, and earned a Ph.D. in medicine. Along with creating the character Astro Boy (Mighty Atom in Japan), he is best known for establishing story comics as the mainstream genre in the Japanese comic book industry, creating narratives with cinematic flow and complex characters. This style influenced all subsequent Japanese output. God of Comics chronicles Tezuka’s life and works, placing his creations both in the cultural climate and in the history of Japanese comics. The book emphasizes Tezuka’s use of intertextuality. His works are filled with quotations from other texts and cultural products, such as film, theater, opera, and literature. Often, these quoted texts and images bring with them a world of meanings, enriching the narrative. Tezuka also used stock characters and recurrent visual jokes as a way of creating a coherent world that encompasses all of his works. God of Comics includes close analysis of Tezuka’s lesser-known works, many of which have never been translated into English. It offers one of the first in-depth studies of Tezuka’s oeuvre to be published in English.

The thoroughly tasteful dirty joke book
by Shelli Sonstein

The jokes focus on the funnier facets of sex and make their points in unobjectionable language

The Dirty Joke Book
by Mr. K

The scores of new jokes in this volume are way too dirty and offensive to be repeated here. Author Mr. “K” offers a variety of filthy, furiously funny, and totally tasteless jokes. Buy this book and become the life of any party — or get kicked out of it!

Take a Joke
by Johnny Ryan

Johnny Ryan’s transgressive masterpiece Prison Pit has been the talk of alt-comicscircles for the past year since its debut in the summer of 2009. But beforePrison Pit, Ryan garnered a considerable following via his one-man humoranthology (which doubled as a one-man War Against Political Correctness)Angry Youth Comix. Take a Joke collects many of the best stories from this inimitableseries as well as many strips created for the wildly-popular Vice magazine,to which Ryan has contributed for years.

Unlike Ryan’s previous collections, which focused on very short stories, Takea Joke spotlights several of the artist’s longest humor pieces to date, notably:“Graveyard Goofs,” in which Ryan’s hapless antiheroes Sinus O’Gynus andLoady McGee exhume the corpse of the recently-deceased Santa Claus as partof a Top Secret experiment, fantasize an orgy with a collection of anthropomorphiccondiment bottles (resulting in an unwanted pregnancy), and end up inHell; “Boobs Pooter’s Jokepocalypse,” starring a coprophiliac version of Godzillawho destroys the world with hilarious jokes and crazy pranks; and “The World’sFunniest Joke,” a 24-page masterpiece that makes The Aristocrats look like a NoraEphron film.

All this plus Cheeseburger Chase, Omletta DuPont, and “The Day The NewYorker Came to Town”!

Should You be Laughing at This?
by Hugleikur Dagsson

Hugleikur Dagsson is from Iceland.

During the winter in Iceland there are only three hours of daylight. During the summer in Iceland there is no darkness. Iceland’s national drink is called ‘Black Death’. Iceland’s national dish is putrefied shark meat. In Iceland this book is a cult-bestseller.

The questions you should ask yourself is:Should you be laughing at this?

Jokes and Targets
by Christie Davies

Jokes and Targets takes up an appealing and entertaining topic—the social and historical origins of jokes about familiar targets such as rustics, Jewish spouses, used car salesmen, and dumb blondes. Christie Davies explains why political jokes flourished in the Soviet Union, why Europeans tell jokes about American lawyers but not about their own lawyers, and why sex jokes often refer to France rather than to other countries. One of the world’s leading experts on the study of humor, Davies provides a wide-ranging and detailed study of the jokes that make up an important part of everyday conversation.

Big Hard Sex Criminals Vol. 2: Deluxxxe Edition
by Matt Fraction

When Jon and Suzie have sex, time stops„literally. What happens next? They rob banks, of course. Now they must try to stay out of trouble, too„and also love„but mostly trouble, yet everything keeps on complicating and getting all feelings-y and stuff. Gathering together for the first time in full glorious color on oversized pages and almost entirely in the right order comes the pulse-quickening, pants-tightening, heart-pokening third and fourth arcs of the award-winning, bestselling, can’t-believe-this-is-actually-our-jobs sex comedy SEX CRIMINALS, with bonus content (some created exclusively for this volume) and a modesty cover beneath the dust jacket to enable shame-free public consumption. Collects SEX CRIMINALS #11-20

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