Bargain Fever
by Mark Ellwood

Almost half of everything sold in America is listed at some kind of promotional price. People don’t only want a deep discount, they expect it – and won’t settle for anything less. In this playful, deeply researched book, journalist Mark Ellwood takes a trip into this new landscape. From the floor of upscale department store Sergdorf Goodman to the bustling aisles of a Turkish bazaar, from the outlet Disneyworld of rural Pennsylvania to a town in Florida that can claim to be couponing’s spiritual capital, Ellwood shows how some people are, quite literally, born to be bargain junkies thanks to a quirk of their DNA. He also uncovers the dark side of discounting- the sales-driven sleights of hand that sellers employ to hoodwink unsuspecting buyers. Bargain Feveris a manual for thriving in this new era, when deal hunting has gone from being a sign of indigence to one of intelligence. There’s never been a better time to be a buyer – at least if you know how the game works. ‘This book is a bargain hunter’s bible.’ Michael Tonello, author of Bringing Home the Birkin‘Bargain Fever is just as fierce, funny, tenacious, and tantalizing as its author. I love this book.’ Kelly Cutrone, founder, People’s Revolution, and author of Normal Gets You Nowhere‘A book after my own heart. Bargain Fever lifts the veils off the sales, ensuring even more that you’ll never pay retail again.’ Carmen Wong Ulrich, financial contributor, CBS This Morning, and author of Generation Debt‘Highly informative and entertaining.’ Booklist

Santa Shops on eBay
by Marsha Collier

“Marsha Collier knows eBay like no one else. With her tips and insight, anyone can enjoy the ease and convenience of shopping online any time of year.”
–Clarissa Parashar, eBay PowerSeller and owner of the eBay store Perpetual Vogue

The kids’ concert is tonight, your brother’s coming Saturday, and when are you going to shop?

Who has time for fun at the holidays? You will, when you learn these techniques and tactics for successful online shopping from Marsha Collier, the undisputed empress of eBay. Even if your previous forays online have produced only frustration–or if you’ve never tried at all–this step-by-step guide will make you a pro.

Here’s how to shop safely, target your searches, make a list and check it twice, and even handle customer service problems. Discover the best sites to shop for teenagers, your boss, or hard-to-please Aunt Agatha, find out where to purchase perfect last-minute gifts and get them in time, and even pick up post-holiday bargains without ever hitting the mall. Your gift? Time!

The Icons and the Iconoclasts
by Jo-Ann Furniss

Louis Vuitton: The Icons and the Iconoclasts features the exciting interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s timeless iconic monogram by six of the world’s most creative iconoclasts: Christian Louboutin, Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Newson, and Rei Kawakubo.
The fashion house Louis Vuitton has long been the ultimate symbol of luxury, its storied brand a glamorous invitation to a world of adventurous savoir faire. Recently, innovative collaborations with the most exciting artists and designers of today have reinterpreted the house’s famed monogrammed pattern, signature bags, and couture shoes, clothes, fine watches, jewelry, and accessories into unique and vibrant expressions of the brand and its heritage.

Lavishly illustrated with new and archival photography, this limited-edition book celebrates the luxury brand’s spirit of innovation and collaboration by giving six of the world’s iconoclasts (Christian Louboutin, Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Newson, and Rei Kawakubo) the opportunity to create a personally inspired bag and/or piece of luggage using Louis Vuitton’s iconic and globally recognized monogram. Highlights include classic and contemporary images and sketches, along with bios of the artists and designers that lend insight into the inspirations behind these very special collaborations. An absolute essential for lovers of fashion, art, and photography, Louis Vuitton: The Icons and the Iconoclasts is an exquisitely crafted volume on the timeless style and daring vision of Louis Vuitton.

The Ultimate Consignment & Thrift Store Guide
by Carolyn Schneider

The Ultimate Consignment & Thrift Store Guide is your international road map to the worlds best consignment, thrift, vintage & secondhand stores.

Find out where to shop and save thousands of dollars on nearly new designer clothing & accessories, furniture, household items, sporting goods, books & much more.

Locate the best stores to bring your gently used clothing and other items and turn them into cash.

Features hundreds of listings in the US, Canada and other countries.

Handy tips to help you become an expert bargain shopper within the palm of your hand.

For the smart, savvy shopper.

Entertainment Weekly says, These no frill listings are invaluable

The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style
by Lilliana Vazquez

Priceless tips and tricks to shopping on a budget, from America’s favorite frugal fashionista

Stylish bargain-hunters have been flocking to Lilliana Vazquez’s since 2008 for tips and tricks on how to shop smart, copy their favorite designer looks, and dress chic for less. Now a go-to destination for women eager for affordable fashion, the site has established Lilliana as a nationally recognized style expert.
Now, in The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style, Lilliana is spilling her secrets! Fun quizzes will help readers define their style and budget. And Lilliana lays out the best places—from stores to flash-sale sites to their own closets— to score stylish deals. Approachable and beautifully designed, The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style is the must-have accessory for 2013 and beyond.

Collecting Louis Vuitton
by Paul Pluta

An easy to read guide for all lovers of Louis Vuitton. I am very passionate about collecting Louis Vuitton and this book is the result of years of collecting. I have been a Louis Vuitton fan since I was 15 years old.This book covers the following topics:-LOUIS VUITTON – BOOKS, CATALOGUES AND LITERATURE.HOLY GRAIL PIECES. TELLING FAKES FROM GENUINE ITEMS. BUYING GENUINE LOUIS VUITTON FROM EBAY. BUYING NEW FROM THE LOUIS VUITTON STORE. LOUIS VUITTON IN THE WORKPLACE. LOUIS VUITTON AND SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT. CARING/CLEANING LOUIS VUITTON ITEMS

The Fashion File
by Janie Bryant

From Joanie’s Marilyn Monroe-esque pencil skirts to Betty’s classic Grace Kelly cupcake dresses, the clothes worn by the characters of the phenomenal Mad Men have captivated fans everywhere. Now, women are trading in their khakis for couture and their pumas for pumps. Finally, it’s hip to dress well again. Emmy-Award winning costume designer Janie Bryant offers readers a peek into the dressing room of Mad Men, revealing the design process behind the various characters’ looks and showing every woman how to find her own leading lady style–whether it’s vintage, modern, or bohemian.

Bryant’s book will peek into the dressing room of Mad Men and reveal the design process behind the various characters’ looks. But it will also help women learn how fashion can help convey their personality. She will help them cultivate their style, including all the details that make a big difference.

Bryant offers advice to ensure that a woman’s clothes convey her personality. She covers everything from where to find incredible vintage clothing and accessories to how to pair those authentic pieces with modern shoes and jeans. Readers will learn how to find their perfect bra size, use color to convey a mood, and invest in the ten essentials every woman should own. And just so the ladies don’t leave their men behind, there’s even a section on making them look a little more Don Draper-dashing. O:P

by Byron Hawes

Drop dives into the world of streetwear queue culture, with original photos of product launches from across the globe, including events in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and more, from brands including Supreme, A Bathing Ape, Patta, Yeezy, Anti Social Social Club, Vetements, Off-White, and others.

The world of the hypebeast has led to a virtual destruction of the traditional delineation between street and “high” fashion. Limited edition pieces enjoy global cult status, draw thousands of hopeful purchasers, and can resell for up to 10-20x retail immediately after release on sites like Grailed.

There is an entire culture surrounding these launches, or “drops.” Streetwear aficionados travel intercontinentally to attend them, almost like concerts, and wear their rarest shoes and gear, flexing for each other while chatting, comparing, and hoping to cop one-time-only limited pieces. Kids rock grails and geek out, like an OG subreddit come to life. These lines comprise some of the most interesting fashion events in the world, and are fast becoming streetwear’s equivalent of the fashion shows that haute ateliers host each year at fashion weeks in Paris, New York, Milan, and beyond.

Sublime Elegance
by Maria Maccari

Long, floor-length or short. Ample like that of a princess or tight and snug as a glove. Soft or made in almost geometric shapes. Classic or a bold object of experimentation. These are evening gowns, difficult to classify in a single style, yet all follow one rule: they should make you dream and embody the very idea of elegance, refinement and class. In addition, they should serve as reminders that, as Giorgio Armani said in his famous statement: “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” And what strikes the imagination more than a long, sumptuous dress? It is precisely the evening gown that often becomes the absolute protagonist, even more than the person wearing it or the occasion that it starred in. Like that truly princess-like white and legendary gown worn by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch. And one can’t forget Givenchy’s little black dress designed for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – testimony to how much film and fashion are joined by a link of reciprocal exaltation. Even if the collective imagination wants it to be long and sumptuous, the evening gown has undergone various evolutions, paths and trends, often becoming the preferred field of experimentation for many designers. Last to appear on the catwalk in a fashion show, even escaping overly defined stylistic codes, where being wearable or not doesn’t matter, what counts is that it always elicits emotion and surprise. AUTHOR: Maria Maccari was born in Milan, earned her degree in Italian Literature, specializing in History of Costume and Fashion, and then got a Master’s degree in New Technologies. She began a career in journalism almost by chance, beginning with a brief working experience with Mondadori Publishers. Since 2000 Ms. Maccari has been a web editor for Conde Nast, specializing in Beauty and Well-Being, and has also contributed to the creation of such sites as, and Ms. Maccari is now engaged in launching a Glamour Beauty portal. She is an aficionado of cinema, art and history, and is also very interested in politics. Illustrated

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