Sing Softly to Me

Sing Softly to Me

Authors : Dorothy Garlock
Publisher : Center Point Pub.
Published Date : 2008
ISBN-13 : 9781602853416
Page : 206 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Sing Softly to Me

She thought she’d escaped the man – and the memories – but Tom Clary suddenly appeared in Minnesota to summon her home. Without hesitation, Beth Marshall left her hospital job and made the hazardous winter journey back to Cody, Wyoming with the brash cowboy she’d tried so hard to forget.

Beth couldn’t refuse Tom’s imperious demand to return to nurse her ailing sister. But how could she share Tom’s house, where her sister now lived? The powerful enchantment of romance still existed between them – and that meant the danger was still there too.

Tom’s searing embrace rekindled the passions that had slept but never died. He swore the past was behind them. But Beth couldn’t help but wonder if he really had changed – or if she was headed for heartbreak again.

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