How To Glue Down Eyebrows

Foundations of Stage Makeup
by Daniel C Townsend

Foundations of Stage Makeup is a comprehensive exploration into the creative world of stage makeup. Step-by-step makeup applications paired with textual content create an enriching experience for future performers and makeup artists. Students will learn relevant history, color theory, makeup sanitation processes, and the use of light and shadow to engage in discussions about the aspects of professional makeup. Those foundations are then paired with a semester’s-worth of descriptive, engaging makeup applications. Old age makeup, blocking out eyebrows, gory burns, and creating fantastical creatures are just a few of the rewarding techniques found in Foundations of Stage Makeup. The book is complemented by an eResource page featuring makeup tutorials and an instructor’s manual with example assignments and tips to teaching each chapter.

Special Make-up Effects for Stage & Screen
by Todd Debreceni

In the world of film and theatre, character transformation takes a lot of work, skill, and creativity…Dedicated solely to SFX, this book will show you tips and techniques from an seasoned SFX makeup artist with years of film, TV, and theatrical experience. Not only will this book take you through the many genres that need a special effects makeup artist, like horror, fantasy, and sci-fi, but it will also tell you about the tools you will need, how to maintain your toolkit, how to take care of the actor’s skin, how to airbrush properly when HD is involved, and all about the exclusive tricks of the trade from an experienced pro who knows all the latest tips and techniques.

The author shows you how to sculpt and mold your own makeup prosethetics, focusing on how human anatomy relates to sculpture, thus creating the most realistic effects. Case studies feature some of the top makeup artists of today, such as Neill Gorton, Christopher Tucker, Miles Teves, Jordu Schell, Mark Alfrey, Matthew Mungle, Christien Tinsely, Vittorio Sodano, and Mark Gabarino.
You will also learn about human anatomy as it relates to sculpture and will be able to profit from lessons from today’s top make-up artists that are highlighted.

Put your new techniques into practice right away with the step-by-step tutorials on the must-have DVD, which will show you exactly how some of the looks from the book were achieved.

The Makeup Artist Handbook
by Gretchen Davis, Mindy Hall

Get professional techniques usually known only by Hollywood makeup artists in this full-color, comprehensive book from accomplished makeup pros Gretchen Davis and Mindy Hall. The two come to you with impressive backgrounds in film and television industries–their projects have included Pearl Harbor, Rent, Stuart Little, and The Nanny Diaries, and Mindy Hall is fresh off her Academy Award win for her work on 2009’s Star Trek. This new edition of The Makeup Artist Handbook offers even more illustrations to demonstrate techniques visually; fundamentals on topics such as beauty, time periods, black and white film; and up-to-date information on cutting-edge techniques like air brushing makeup for computer-generated movies, makeup effects, mold-making, lighting, and lots of information on how to work effectively in HD.

Learn from the pros and hone your craft with this comprehensive book.

• Gorgeous full color book shows how makeup artists make Hollywood stars look as good as they do, even in HD! • Get the inside track about how to work with the pros and all about set etiquette • Contains tips and techniques from a number of professional Hollywood makeup artists • Includes a full reference section with useful websites, business listings, and contacts • Award winning advice from co-author Mindy Hall, Academy Award winner for makeup for her work on Star Trek

Star Quest

Materials to be used by public libraries in planning summer library programs for children in 1983.

Milady’s Standard Cosmetology
by Arlene Alpert, Margrit Altenburg, Diane Bailey

For decades the primary reference for cosmetology licensure, Milady’s Standard Textbook of Cosmetology has undergone the most thorough transformation in its history with this new edition. Milady has totally revamped the organization and contents to bring the Standard into the new century. In its contents and art, both of which are new to this edition, the book reflects the changes in salon and spa treatments, procedures, and products. New chapters such as “Life Skills” by Arlene Alpert and “Communicating for Success” by Catherine Frangie start students on the right path, stressing the soft skills that professionals know is the key to success. NAHA award-winner Mary Brunetti also wrote the chapters “Shampooing, Rinsing, and Conditioning” and “Hair Styling.” Ruth Roche, another NAHA-award winner, has created a totally new “Haircutting” chapter, complete with step-by-step technicals on the core cuts. The look of the text mirrors the changes in content, with its open feel, contemporary design, and high-quality photography. Having been developed after extensive analysis by educational design experts, the textbook exhibits the most sophisticated methods for relaying information, stimulating thought, aiding comprehension, and enhancing retention. Central to the book’s development was the knowledge that learners need to keep engaged through a visual, inviting display when they turn each page, and that steered the direction of the text design and art program.

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