Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement

Authors : Carol Lynne Knight
Publisher : Apalachee Press
Published Date : 2010
ISBN-13 : 9780940821095
Page : 96 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Quantum Entanglement

Poetry. “QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT uses metaphors for physics to create a landscape that begins every day by driving to work with meditations on motion, including the space and time of her own erotic history. She is sinuous and adept with ‘the smoke of memory, ‘ as she ‘sleepwalk(s) into the sixth dimension’ and wonders ‘what traces our thoughts leave behind.’ Her poems offer a landscape that is her own personal Last Picture Show, with boys in the backseats of cars, lovers meeting in motels, and meditations on the mistakes of an early marriage, as well as a compassion for the young teenage men she knew–those who went to war and lost so much. More substantial than nostalgia, they become repairs and atonements, revealing the reasons for her intrigue with and sensuous descriptions of entanglement”–Diane Wakoski.

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