Designer Children

Designer Children

Authors : Karen Peterson-Iyer
Publisher : Pilgrim Press
Published Date : 2004
ISBN-13 : 9780829816112
Page : 232 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Designer Children

Amazingly, for the first time in human history, couples interested in becoming parents may soon be able to directly pre-select or alter specific genetic characteristics of their offspring. However, this new capacity and its potential to be used for “good” or “evil” are of increasing and pressing moral concern. In Designer Children, Peterson-Iyer hopes to construct some moral ground under society’s feet regarding genetic technology. She draws upon the best insights from Christian faith and from feminist thought in order to evaluate the various ways in which to genetically “shape” children. With great clarity and care, she employs the concept of “human flourishing”–as a vision and guide as we wade through the quagmire of ethical questions–to advance specific recommendations about three contemporary types of genetic manipulation: gene therapy to prevent cystic fibrosis; genetic enhancement of memory; and sex pre-selection.

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