The Cheapskate Next Door

The Cheapskate Next Door

Authors : Jeff Yeager
Publisher : Crown/Archetype
Published Date : 2010-06-08
ISBN-13 : 9780307592477
Page : 256 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions The Cheapskate Next Door

America’s Ultimate Cheapskate is back with all new secrets for how to live happily below your means, á la cheapskate.  For The Cheapskate Next Door, Jeff Yeager tapped his bargain-basement-brain-trust, hitting the road to interview and survey hundreds of his fellow cheapskates to divulge their secrets for living the good life on less. 
     Jeff reveals the 16 key attitudes about money – and life – that allow the cheapskates next door to live happy, comfortable, debt-free lives while spending only a fraction of what most Americans spend.  Their strategies will change your way of thinking about money and debunk some of life’s biggest money myths.  For example, you’ll learn:  how to cut your food bill in half and eat healthier as a result; how your kids can get a college education without ever borrowing a dime; how to let the other guy pay for deprecation by learning the secrets of buying used, not abused; how you can save serious money by negotiating and bartering; and how – if you know where to look – there’s free stuff and free fun all around you.
     The Cheapskate Next Door also features dozens of original “Cheap Shots” – quick, money saving tips that could save you more than $25,000 in a single year!  Cheap Shots give you the inside scoop on: 
— How to save hundreds on kids’ toys;
— What inexpensive old-fashioned kitchen appliance can save you more than $200 a year;
— How you can travel the world without ever having to pay for lodging;
— What single driving tip can save you $30,000 during your lifetime;
— Even how to save up to 40% on fine wines (and we’re not talking about the kind that comes in a box). 
From simple money saving tips to truly life changing financial strategies, the cheapskates next door know that the key to financial freedom and enjoying life more is not how much you earn, but how much you spend. 

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