International Political Economy

International Political Economy

Authors : Thomas Oatley
Publisher : Pearson/Longman
Published Date : 2006
ISBN-13 : 9780321355669
Page : 432 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions International Political Economy

This exciting text provides students with a superior grounding in contemporary international political economy. It emphasizes current scholarship and provides the background in politics, economics, and history that students need to understand developments in the contemporary global economy. International Political Economy is based on the assumption that IPE is best understood as enduring political competition between the winners and losers generated by global economic exchange. The book develops this theme by examining the origins and nature of this competition. It explains that while global economic exchange raises social welfare, it also creates winners and losers who compete to influence government economic policy. It explains how political institutions–international and domestic–mediate this competition. Finally, it demonstrates how this political dynamic shapes the global economy. This Second Edition presents the material in a streamlined fashion that is accessible to students.

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