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The Legend of Korra Turf Wars 2
by Michael Dante DiMartino, Irene Koh (Comic book artist)

Recovering from the fight and furious for revenge, Triple Threats member Tokuga solidifies his ties with the duplicitous Wonyong. Meanwhile, when Republic City’s housing crisis reaches its peak, Zhu Li sets her sights on the biggest public figure in the city–President Raiko–in a bid for the presidency! With her friend’s success, the future of the spirit portal, and the wellbeing of Republic City’s citizens at stake, can Korra remain neutral and fulfill her duties as the Avatar?

Land Reforms in India
by Pramod Kumar Agrawal

The book ‘Land Reforms in India : Constitutional and Legal Approach’ is a landmark in the field of land reforms. It explores many new and important facts and principles of laws on the subject which are universally applicable. The author discovered a mathematical formula to concretize the concept of ‘land reforms’ and successfully applied it in his statistical study of implementation of land reforms in India with special reference to State of Uttar Pradesh. There is an imperative need to implement the land-laws in true spirit and with determination.

Uhlig’s Corrosion Handbook
by Herbert Henry Uhlig

This book serves as a reference for engineers, scientists, and students concerned with the use of materials in applications where reliability and resistance to corrosion are important. It updates the coverage of its predecessor, including coverage of: corrosion rates of steel in major river systems and atmospheric corrosion rates, the corrosion behavior of materials such as weathering steels and newer stainless alloys, and the corrosion behavior and engineering approaches to corrosion control for nonmetallic materials.

New chapters include: high-temperature oxidation of metals and alloys, nanomaterials, and dental materials, anodic protection. Also featured are chapters dealing with standards for corrosion testing, microbiological corrosion, and electrochemical noise.

Dragon Kings of the Orient
by Percival Constantine

Elisa Hill is a myth hunter, an adventurer who seeks out the truth behind the legends of the past. When a former ally requests her help to defend the mythical Dragon Kings of China, Elisa must journey to the far east. Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, has been released from centuries of imprisonment and only Elisa and her allies can stand against him before he exacts revenge on his jailers. For if the Dragon Kings fall, the oceans of Asia will erupt in chaos, threatening to swallow the continent whole!

Thunderbolt Boys Excite
by Asami Tojo

Kodaka Natsui, a naturally beautiful young boy, and a drop-dead gorgeous rich kid named Ritsu Yasaka both work as models.One day, their agency requires both boys to attend an overnight retreat. Kodaka decides he wants to become a man worthy of Ritsu, so he begins to undergo training under Ritsu’s valet…in more salacious ways than one! When he finds out what’s going on, Ritsu can no longer suppress his overwhelming desire.

Horror to the Extreme
by Jinhee Choi, Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano

This book compares production and consumption of Asian horror cinemas in different national contexts and their multidirectional dialogues with Hollywood and neighboring Asian cultures. Individual essays highlight common themes including technology, digital media, adolescent audience sensibilities, transnational co-productions, pan-Asian marketing techniques, and variations on good vs. evil evident in many Asian horror films. Contributors include Kevin Heffernan, Adam Knee, Chi-Yun Shin, Chika Kinoshita, Robert Cagle, Emilie Yeh Yueh-yu, Neda Ng Hei-tung, Hyun-suk Seo, Kyung Hyun Kim, and Robert Hyland.

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