Down And Out In Paris & London

Down and Out in Paris and London
by George Orwell

In ‘Down and Out in Paris and London, ‘ Orwell follows the life of an impoverished English writer living in two great European cities during the early 1930s. In this classic partly autobiographical literary work on poverty and its impact on the human condition, Orwell explores several of the classic themes evident in most of his writing–man vs. society, social injustice and the plight of ordinary people at the hands of oppressive and exploitative political systems. Eric Arthur Blair (1903-1950), better known by his pen name George Orwell, was a ground breaking 20th century English author and journalist. His work is marked by keen intelligence and wit, a profound awareness of social injustice, and passionate belief in ideals of democratic socialism. 1st Viewforth Classics edition. Dr Craig Paterson, General Editor

The Complete Works of George Orwell: Down and out in Paris and London
by George Orwell

Part autobiography, this unusual novel follows the experiences of a penniless adventurer, first in Paris in the early 1930s and later in London, where he mingles among tramps and street people. Unabridged. 6 CDs.

Down and Out in New Orleans
by Peter J. Marina

In the years since Hurricane Katrina, the modern-day bohemians of New Orleans have found themselves forced to the edges of poverty by the new tourist economy. Modeling his work after George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London, the sociologist and ethnographer Peter J. Marina explores this unfamiliar side of the gentrifying “new” New Orleans. In 1920s Paris, Orwell witnessed an influx of locals and outsiders seeking authenticity while struggling to live with bourgeois society. Marina finds a similar ambivalence in New Orleans: a tourism-dependent city whose commerce caters largely to well-heeled natives and upper-class travelers, where many creative locals and wanderers have remained outsiders, willingly or otherwise.

Marina does not merely interview these spirited urban misfits—he lives among them. Down and Out in New Orleans follows their journeys, depicting the lives of those on the social fringes of a resilient city. Marina finds work as a bartender, street mime, and poet. Along the way, he visits homeless shelters, squats in abandoned buildings, attends rituals in cemeteries, and befriends writers, musicians, occultists, and artists as they look for creative solutions to the contradictory demands of late capitalism. Marina does for New Orleans what Orwell did for Paris a century earlier, providing a rigorous, unrelenting, and original glimpse into the subcultures of a city in rapid change.

Homage to Catalonia
by George Orwell

A first-hand account of the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, straight from the pen of one of the twentieth century’s most renowned authors.
In 1936, George Orwell enlisted with a left-wing Spanish militia organization, The Workers’ Part of Marxist Unification, out of a combined desire to fight against fascism and to record the events of the war. He fought against the fascist forces for several months, before infighting among the various left-wing groups turned him against former allies, and eventually forced him to flee the country. Homage to Catalonia is a vivid, intensely personal retelling of these events.
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George Orwell
by Robert Colls

An intellectual who did not like intellectuals, a socialist who did not trust the state, a writer of the left who found it easier to forgive writers of the right, a liberal who was against free markets, a Protestant who believed in religion but not in God, a fierce opponent of nationalism who defined Englishness for a generation. Aside from being one of the greatest political essayists in the English language and author of two of the most famous books in twentieth century literature, George Orwell was a man of many fascinating contradictions, someone who liked to go against the grain because he believed that was where the truth usually lay. George Orwell. English Rebel takes us on a journey through the many twists and turns of Orwell’s life and thought, from the precocious public school satirist at Eton and the imperial policeman in Burma, through his early years as a rather dour documentary writer, down and out on the streets of Paris and London and on the road to Wigan pier, o his formative experiences as a volunteer soldier in the Spanish Civil War. Above all, the book skilfully traces Orwell’s gradual reconciliation with his country, a journey which began down a coal mine in 1936 to find its exhilarating peaks during the dark days of the Second World War.

Homage to Catalonia / Down and Out in Paris and London
by George Orwell

Homage to Catalonia is both a memoir of Orwell’s experience at the front in the Spanish Civil War and a tribute to those who died in what he called a fight for common decency. Down and Out in Paris and London chronicles the adventures of a penniless British writer who finds himself rapidly descending into the seedy heart of two great European cities. This edition brings together two powerful works from one of the finest writers of the twentieth century.

A Clergyman’s Daughter
by George Orwell

A pious young woman grapples with a loss of memory—and of faith—in this sharp, witty novel by the author of 1984 and Animal Farm.

Dorothy is the daughter of the Reverend Charles Hare, rector of St. Athelstan’s in Depression-era Suffolk, England. She serves as a dutiful housekeeper, performs good works, cultivates good thoughts—and pricks her arm with a pin when a bad thought arises.
But even as she toils away making costumes for the church school play, she is haunted by thoughts about the poverty that surrounds her and the debts she can’t afford to pay. Then, suddenly, she finds herself in London. She is wearing silk stockings, has money in her pocket, and cannot remember her own name . . .
This novel of a woman thrust into a strange journey, struck by amnesia and grappling with questions of faith and identity in a world of unemployment and hunger, is a masterful work of satire by one of the great writers of the twentieth century.

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