New Markets & Other Essays

Essays on Bond Market Economics
by Ray S. Y. Choy

Financial markets are unpredictable, and so are bonds despite their status as “fixed income” assets. Profiting from such markets requires an edge, a deeper comprehension and fresh ideas. This book provides a chronological narrative of the global fixed income markets from 2012 to 2015, offering pragmatic and unique perspectives for investment analysts, macro-oriented fund managers, academic researchers and students of financial economics.

Rival Views of Market Society and Other Recent Essays
by Albert O. Hirschman

Since the mid-twentieth century Albert O. Hirschman has been known for his innovative, lucid, and brilliantly argued contributions to economics, the history of ideas, and the social sciences. Two central and already widely admired essays in this collection explore new territory. The title essay distinguishes among four very different conceptions of the characteristics and dynamics of capitalist societies. A related plea for embracing complexity is made in “Against Parsimony,” a wide-ranging critique of traditional economic models. In other writings Hirschman revisits his own views on economic development, the concept of interest, and the roles of “exit” and “voice” in economic and social systems. This volume reaffirms the powerful originality and enduring value of Hirschman’s work.

So How’s the Family?
by Arlie Russell Hochschild

In this new collection of thirteen essays, Arlie Russell HochschildÑauthor of the groundbreaking exploration of emotional labor, The Managed Heart and The Outsourced SelfÑfocuses squarely on the impact of social forces on the emotional side of intimate life.

From the ÒworkÓ it takes to keep personal life personal, put feeling into work, and empathize with others; to the cultural ÒblurÓ between market and home; the effect of a social class gap on family wellbeing; and the movement of care workers around the globe, Hochschild raises deep questions about the modern age. In an eponymous essay, she even points towards a possible future in which a person asking ÒHowÕs the family?Ó hears the proud answer, ÒCouldnÕt be better.Ó

Learning and the Market Place
by Ian Maclean

These essays on the learned book in Early Modern Europe investigate the transmission of knowledge and the operation of the book market from the point of view of its major participants: authors, editors, publishers, readers and bibliographers.

Caliban and Other Essays
by Roberto Fernández Retamar

Translated from Spanish. become a kind of manifesto for Latin American and Caribbean writers; the remaining four essays deal with Spanish and Latin-American literature, including the work of Nicaraguan poet Ernesto Cardenal. Cloth edition (unseen), $35. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Lyrical and Critical Essays
by Albert Camus

Edited by Philip Thody, translated by Ellen Conroy Kennedy. 

“Here now, for the first time in a complete English translation, we have Camus’ three little volumes of essays, plus a selection of his critical comments on literature and his own place in it. As might be expected, the main interest of these writings is that they illuminate new facets of his usual subject matter.”–The New York Times Book Review

“…a new single work for American readers that stands among the very finest.”–The Nation

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