The Savior

The Savior
by J.R. Ward

In the next heart-pounding novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series, J.R. Ward delivers a brand-new paranormal passion with the story of Murhder, who returns after his appearance in The Thief!

Moments with the Savior
by Ken Gire

Ken Gire delicately weaves events, emotions, thoughts, and faces into a moving depiction of the life of Christ that takes you on a step-by-step journey with the Lord. Woven with threads of humanity and divinity, Moments with the Savior reveals the Lord who calls you to a more intimate relationship with him.

The Gospel of the Savior
by Michael J. Kruger

This volume is the first complete analysis of the apocryphal gospel fragment P.Oxy. 840 since its initial discovery nearly a century ago. The fragment recounts a dispute over ritual purity between Jesus and a Pharisaic chief priest in the temple. After an examination of prior research, this work explores the various palaeographical and historical questions raised by this apocryphal story and also offers a new Greek edition and English translation. In particular, P.Oxy. 840 s controversial descriptions of ritual purity practices in Herod s temple are evaluated in light of what is known of first-century Judaism. After comparing the text with similar passages in the canonical gospels, the origins of this non-canonical story are traced to second-century Jewish-Christian groups that shared its theological and polemical thrust.

Intimate Moments with the Savior
by Ken Gire

Intimate Moments with the Savior is a devotional tapestry, richly woven from the threads of Scripture, meditation, and prayer. It captures the intimate moments Jesus spent with individuals and how those moments forever changed their lives. In reliving those life-changing moments, you will walk where Jesus walked. You will travel with him in the sweltering heat to a Samaritan well. You will stand with him on the windswept shores of Galilee. You will ascend with him up the fateful step of Calvary. At those places, you will see the people Jesus saw. Your heart will melt for Peter, ache for the hemorrhaging woman, and break for Judas. You will also see what these people saw in Jesus. You will see the kindness in his face, the forgiveness in his eyes, the power in his hand. With these people, you will reach out to touch the hem of his garment. With them you will weep. With them you will kneel. And moment by intimate moment, you, too, will be changed. Intimate Moments with the Savior is the first book in Ken Gire’s award-winning Moments with the Savior series. The second book, Incredible Moments with the Savior, examines the profound meaning of the miracles of Jesus. Instructive Moments with the Savior, the third book is a series of meditations on the parables of Jesus and how they changed the lives of the original hearers. The fourth and last book, Intense Moments with the Savior, takes you inside the mind of Jesus himself.

Learning at the Feet of the Savior
by David J. Ridges, Taylor Halverson

Why did Jesus teach the way He did? What conventions did He use to impart greater significance and understanding? And what can we learn from Him about how to learn and how to then teach others?
From Jesus as a child teaching in the temple to Mary finding the empty tomb, this unique guide examines the methods Christ used as He taught lessons, sermons, and parables during His ministry.
For each chapter, find• Key scripture verses with detailed annotations • A discussion of the background, culture, and setting for each episode
• An analysis of Christ as the Master Teacher and His teaching methods
• Possible applications for learners
• Helps for teachers and discussion questions for further study
Travel back in time to the world of the New Testament with two experienced teachers, best-selling author David J. Ridges and Dr. Taylor Halverson, and learn to look at the scriptures in fresh ways, through the lens of Jesus as the Master Teacher.

The Savior
by Eugene Drucker

A magnetic debut novel from world-renowned violinist Eugene Drucker

Set during the final weeks of World War II, The Savior is the story of Gottfried Keller, a young German violinist. Exempted from military service, Keller is burdened with the demoralizing task of playing for wounded soldiers in hospitals and makeshift infirmaries.

As he leaves his apartment one morning to pick up a new assignment at headquarters, Keller finds an SS driver waiting for him and is escorted without explanation to a labor camp outside his town. There he is introduced to the camp’s Kommandant, who tells Keller that he will spend the next four days performing for the inmates as part of an experiment in reviving hope in those who have lost it completely.

Overwhelmed by fear and compelled by the temptation of using his talent to affect others so powerfully, Keller finds himself playing a series of concerts for the prisoners — and seeing with his own eyes the horrifying truths within the barbed-wire fence. As he plays the music of Ysaÿe, Hindemith and Bach, most notably the searing Chaconne, Keller’s own questionable past unfolds, revealing the loss of his closest friend and the Jewish fiancée from whom he fled in fear of being caught as a Jew-lover. As he bears witness to the camp’s atrocities, Keller’s horror toward the perpetrators and their crime begins to fade, revealing his own culpability.

Beautifully conceived and gracefully written, The Savior is a complex and illuminating character study of a man severed from his past expectations and an artist struggling with his identity in the face of human catastrophe.

Meditations on the Savior
by Mark Thewes

Mark Thewes has a reputation as a fine composer and arranger of hymns. This versatile collection offers the church organist lovely, moving settings of six very familiar hymns. These are useful in any church service, for preludes, offertories, or prayer time, as well as funerals. All are easily learned, and playable on most any size instrument.

Titles are:
* Meditation on Eventide
* Meditation on St. Elizabeth
* Meditation on Ellers
* Trio on Nettleton
* Meditation on Toplady
* Pleading Savior.

Conversations with the Savior
by Donald Neidigk

This series of nine dialogues built around the I am sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John offers a fresh perspective while meeting the demands of extra services during the Lenten season. Able to be performed by two readers, each conversation is a children’s message that uses easily obtained props to reinforce the day’s featured I am statement.

Advent of the Savior
by Stephen J. Binz

Advent is the season in which we reread and relive the experience of ancient Israel as it longed for the coming of the Messiah. It is also a time to reflect on the infancy narratives of Jesus which have enriched the lives of believers through the centuries. As an extension of Israel’s longing for the Messiah, the infancy accounts serve as overtures to the writings of the evangelists, and stand as bridges connecting the Old and New Testaments. Advent of the Savior focuses on this connection of past to present so that we may deepen our longing for the Messiah’s coming again and ask God in our own day to be Emmanuel, “God with us.”

            The infancy narratives of Matthew and Luke express the basic truths about the divine and human mystery of Jesus Christ. Advent of the Savior reminds us that it is through these truths that we are called to move from longing for our Savior to hope in his coming again.

The Savior
by Faye Snowden

Believing that her mother’s death from a drug overdose was no accident, Dr. Kendra Hamilton, once a child of the streets, launches an investigation that brings her to a twisted killer who is targeting the lost souls of California’s Dunhill County. Reprint.

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