Canada and the Third World

Canada and the Third World

Authors : Karen Dubinsky, Sean Mills, Scott Rutherford
Publisher : University of Toronto Press
Published Date : 2016-03-31
ISBN-13 : 9781442606890
Page : 304 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Canada and the Third World

Even though they are aware of the Third World in relation to their daily lives, most Canadians know little about the historical foundations and complex nature of their country’s entanglements with non-Western societies.

Canada and the Third World provides a long overdue introduction to Canada’s historical relationship with the Third World. The book critically explores this relationship by asking four central questions: how can we understand the historical roots of Canada’s relations with the Third World? How have Canadians, individuals and institutions alike, practiced and imagined development? How can we integrate Canada into global histories of empire, decolonization, and development? And how should we understand the relationship between issues such as poverty, racism, gender equality, and community development in the First and Third World alike?

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