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Serving Library Users from Asia
by John Hickok

Asian populations are among some of the fastest growing cultural groups in the US. While books on serving other target groups in libraries have been published (e.g., disabled, Latino, seniors, etc.), few books on serving library users of Asian heritage have been written. Thus the timely need for this book. Rather than a generalized overview of Asians as a whole, this book has 24 separate chapters—each on 24 specific Asian countries/cultures of East, Southeast, and South Asia—with a wealth of resources for understanding, interacting with, outreaching to, and serving library users of each culture.

Resources include cultural guides (both print and online), language helps (with sample library vocabulary), Asian booksellers, nationwide cultural groups, professional literature, and more. Resources and suggestions are given for all three types of libraries—public, school, and academic—making this book valuable for all librarians. The demographics of each Asian culture (numbers and distribution)—plus history of immigration and international student enrollment—is also featured. As a bonus, each chapter spotlights a US public, school, and academic library providing model outreach to Asian library users.

Additionally, this book provides a detailed description and analysis of libraries in each of the 24 Asian countries. The history, development, facilities, conditions, technology, classification systems, and more—of public, school, and academic libraries—are all discussed, with detailed documentation. Country conditions influencing libraries and library use are also described: literacy levels, reading cultures, languages and writing systems, educational systems, and more. Based on the author’s 15 years of research and travels to Asia, this work is a must-have for all librarians.

English-Hindi, Hindi-English
by Joseph W. Raker, Ramāśaṅkara Śukla

Hindi is the most widely-spoken language in the Republic of India, and Hindi speakers can also be found in Mauritius, Fiji and Trinidad. This Hindi dictionary features over 30,000 entries, with a guide to transliteration for students or travellers to any of these regions.

Learn Hindi in 30 Days Through English
by Krishna Gopal Vikal

An easy Hindi self-instructor, this book has been written in such a way that anyone could easily learn Hindi through the medium of English.

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