Messenger for the Guardians

Messenger for the Guardians

Authors : Martin E. Crespo
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Published Date : 2008-11
ISBN-13 : 9781438932101
Page : 160 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Messenger for the Guardians

Amy Roth challenges her fate with little more than determination, courage and a few friends.

Lanterman once again explores the nature of friendship and deep-sea fishing as she creates a vivid picture of human emotion and struggle. In her new novel, Transition in Green, Lanterman compels us to wonder. How many young people loose their way in our mobile society? What role does luck play? This novel brims with hope and it delivers.

Amy Roth seems a perfect victim when Rick Horner spots her in the airport in Spokane. Argus Pritchett, a rumpled, retired cop refuses to look the other way. They stay in touch over the years as Amy works out her life goals, independence and happiness. Harv Leigh finds himself in Bakersfield longer than he planned. If Harv is part of the answer for Amy, he must wait. Will he? Will a trip to the Big Island help?

And what about Trez? Amy believes Trez can bend luck itself. Treasure Williams, Amy’s role model and mentor, wonders if Amy recognizes happiness.

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