Diet Is a Four-Letter Word

Diet Is a Four-Letter Word

Authors : Karen Peterson
Publisher : TATE PUB
Published Date : 2006-10-01
ISBN-13 : 9781598863550
Page : 88 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Diet Is a Four-Letter Word

Having fought the battle of the bulge her whole life, author Karen Peterson finally came to the realization that she was telling herself little white lies that allowed her to overeat and eat junk food that made her overweight. This truth has given her the ability to lose weight and keep it off without all the diet and exercise demands of the diet gurus. The truths she has discovered are shared in Diet is a Four-Letter Word in hopes that others may end their battle with food and stop the endless rounds of overeating, guilt, diets, and self-recrimination. What is offered here is an open door to the rest of your life.

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