Of Tyrants & Tellers

Of Tyrants & Tellers

Authors : Sonny Arvado
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published Date : 2017-09-09
ISBN-13 : 9781974473144
Page : 148 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Of Tyrants & Tellers

Of Tyrants & Tellers is the book that this generation of men needs now more than ever.

Take a look around and you will notice that the modern man is a soft, emasculated pansy lacking decisiveness and drive. But why? What exactly happened to the modern man?

He was destroyed by a two-front attack: chemical and cultural warfare. This is no accident but rather a purposefully designed operation that has been implemented on a mass scale. The war on men is a known reality and it will bring about the end of civilization unless something is done about it.


This work is a new beginning for both the individual and civilization. Mankind has always flourished under the leadership of builders. So that’s what this work challenges you to do. Build.

Civilization and the individual are linked by their need for infrastructure and culture. Without infrastructure and culture, both are doomed to collapse…

In Part I, you will learn:

* the power of culture

* how to change culture

* the exact reason why there is a war on men

* how Hollywood destroys masculinity via mass programming

* how sex is weaponized to enslave you

In Part II, you will take massive action and accomplish the following:

* develop an understanding of your role in civilization

* destroy the poisonous programming that has held you back

* start a new culture based on powerful words and mindsets

* Build a strong body with The Of Tyrants & Tellers Weightlifting Program (contains 44 pictures)

* Win the war against compression with a total body movement daily routine (contains 27 pictures)

* Deweaponize sex and destroy the pornography psyop once and for all

Pride. Precision. Professionalism. This is the new way of things. Make this your story where you are the hero.

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