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Bondi Republic
by Andrew Hoyne, Andrew Hoyne, photographs by Ali Nasseri, Ali Nasseri

An international celebrity, a national icon, a tourist haven or simply home. Bondi means different things to different people. In Bondi Republic photographer Ali Nasseri gives us a peek at the free-spirited, larger-than-life Sydney suburb that lies behind the designer shades and ripped abs.

Gaze into the true heart of Bondi, where it’s kinda edgy, sorta irreverent and a little bit up itself. This is Bondi through the eyes and lens of an insider.

Place Branding for Small Cities, Regions and Downtowns
by Bill Baker

Boost tourism, economic development, and community pride by understanding and mastering the art and science of place branding.

“Baker’s previous books were instant hits and considered classics. In this one, he takes place branding to the next level.” – Dr. Florian Kaefer, The Place Brand Observer

In this NEW, UPDATED, and EXPANDED edition Bill Baker presents proven techniques and real-world examples for transforming tourism, economic development, placemaking and wayfinding. He is straight to the point and gives you the nuts and bolts to reveal and manage a sustainable destination brand.


“This book tackles the confusion, challenges, limitations, misconceptions, and the scope of place branding.” – Robert Govers, Chair, International Place Branding Association

‘Place Branding’ explores the scope and dynamics of place branding, and provides step-by-step processes to research, define and deploy a winning brand strategy. Each chapter demystifies what can sometimes seem like complex concepts and practices required to establish and manage a competitive identity.


“Bill Baker does a great job of distilling the nuance of not just brand building, but the equal necessity of place building.” – Maura Allen Gast, Executive Director, VisitIrving (TX)

Baker explains why community partnerships are needed to bring a destination brand to life and create a beloved sense of place. He joins the dots to pinpoint issues related to the organization, staff, partnerships, regulations, experience delivery, placemaking, wayfinding, government policies, and personnel to make the point that success takes more than marketing communications and logos.


“This book is packed with killer insights. In his latest book, Bill Baker continues to redefine the art and science of community brands.” – Bill Geist, Chief Instigator, DMOproz

‘Place Branding’ spotlights the trends reshaping the practice, scope and dynamics of place branding. It illustrates how place branding must embrace changes, as diverse as technology, consumer behavior, placemaking, urban design, organization roles, sustainability, an experiential focus, more engaged communities, and more. At the same time, he shows how small places must fit into a louder and more crowded world.


“Bill Baker’s words always entice and engage audiences at every level of expertise. Here, he targets newcomers to place branding, but his words are a good refresher for old-timers alike.” – Erik Wolf, CEO, World Food Travel Association

Whether you are new to place marketing and branding or you’re seeking fresh inspiration, this is essential reading for destination marketers, DMOs, Boards and Committees, Chambers of Commerce, Downtown Associations, economic development managers, urban design teams, government leaders, as well as students and academics.


Reading ‘Place Branding’, you will:

  • Discover the latest place branding trends and new applications
  • Understand why many place branding efforts are doomed before they start
  • Discover effective ways to bring your community’s brand to life
  • Access dozens of helpful tips and useful checklists
  • Understand why branding is even more important in the Digital Age
  • Gain valuable insights from some of the world’s leading place branding consultants, academics and practitioners

The Pragmatist Imagination
by Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture

What would it mean today to think or to imagine, to design or to construct, in relation not to “things made” but to “things in the making”? This question, first posed by the philosopher William James, was the point of departure for “The Pragmatist Imagination.” The volume brings together position statements, theoretical speculations, and critical commentary by 33 leading thinkers and makers from over a dozen disciplines. Based on the proceedings of an international workshop held at Columbia University under the auspices of the Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture in spring 2000, a preamble to the much-ballyhooed conference at the Museum of Modern Art in November, 2000, the contributions traverse a set of burning questions about the future, ranging from the relationship between art and experience to the impact of new technologies on human consciousness, from transformations in everyday life to problems of public space, and from the destiny of the nation-state to emergent forms of transnationalism.

The authors include Stanley Aronowitz, Marshall Berman, Casey Nelson Blake, Sandra Buckley, Teresa Caldeira, Jean-Louis Cohen, Jonathan Crary, Rosalyn Deutsche, Kenneth Frampton, Gerald E. Frug, Peter Galison, Elizabeth Grosz, Andreas Huyssen, Isaac Joseph, David Lapoujade, Reinhold Martin, Brian Massumi, Mary McLeod, Paul Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky, Chantal Mouffe, Joan Ockman, John Rajchman, Martha Rosler, Hashim Sarkis, Saskia Sassen, Sandhya Shukla, Richard Shusterman, Abdoumaliq Simone, Anders Stephanson, Bernard Tschumi, Nadia Urbinati, Mabel Wilson, and Gwendolyn Wright. The book includes an introduction by John Rajchman and an afterword by Casey Nelson Blake.

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