The Money-making Guide to Bonds

The Money-making Guide to Bonds

Authors : Hildy Richelson, Stan Richelson
Publisher : UNC Press Books
Published Date : 2002
ISBN-13 : 9781576601228
Page : 277 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions The Money-making Guide to Bonds

Bonds are the financial Cinderellas of the new millennium. Investors became aware of their charms when they saw their stock portfolios tanking while bonds were delivering double-digit returns. With the discovery that bonds could be a lucrative as well as a safe investment came a major problem: no single source of easily accessible information has been available that uniformly describes bonds, compares their relative strengths and drawbacks, and tells how to select and profit from buying them — until now.

Registered investment advisers Hildy and Stan Richelson have written The Money-Making Guide to Bonds to serve as this solid and thorough, yet user-friendly, resource on the subject. Over 35 different types of bonds and 20 types of bond funds are described, highlighting the specific advantages, risks, and tax implications of each.

The stock market decline clearly demonstrated to investors that bonds belong in every portfolio. The Money-Making Guide to Bonds not only gives readers the information they need to select bonds suited to their needs but also tells them how to allocate bonds within a portfolio and then concludes with specific strategies for reducing taxes and increasing income.

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