Daredevil Visionaries

Daredevil Visionaries

Authors : Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada
Publisher : Marvel
Published Date : 1999-09
ISBN-13 : 9780785107354
Page : 192 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Daredevil Visionaries

When Marvel announced that the renowned illustrating duo of Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti would be launching a new imprint known as Marvel Knights, fandom sat up and took notice. When it was later announced that Kevin Smith, the filmmaker who burst into the spotlight with his ladle film Clerks, would be writing Daredevil, fandom stage a near riot. Teamed with intricate and kinetic art of Quesada and Palmiotti, Smith instantly rocketed to the top of readers’ hearts. Now the sold-out and critically acclaimed eight-part story known as Guardian Devil is collected in its entirety for the first time. In it the lawyer-by-day-and-vigilante-by-night is entrusted with the care of a very special infant who may just be mankind’s savior… or destroyer. Pursued by the assassin called Bullseye and confronted with beings chat claim to hail from the great beyond, Daredevil’s faith, sanity and soul are challenged like never before.

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