Shadows and Lace

Shadows and Lace

Authors : Teresa Medeiros
Publisher : Amber House Books
Published Date : 2013-10-25
ISBN-13 : 9781939541260
Page : 400 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Shadows and Lace

 If a knight captures a lady, can she steal his heart?

With one careless roll of the dice, Baron Lindsey Fordyce gambles away his beautiful daughter Rowena. Spirited away to an imposing castle, Rowena finds herself pressed into the service of a dark and forbidding knight accused of murder…and much more.

 Handsome, brooding Sir Gareth of Caerleon has spent years waiting for his chance for revenge. But when he seeks to use the fair Rowena to slay the ghosts of his past, he finds himself ensnared in a tender trap of his own making…a trap he can only escape by surrendering his heart. 

 Book 1 in the Brides of Legend Series, which includes:

Shadows and Lace

Lady of Conquest

“Teresa Medeiros weaves a bold, sensual spell in Shadows and Lace. Excellent!”—Affaire de Coeur

“Delightfully complex characters! Medeiros wields a deft hand with humor and sensuality.”—Heart to Heart

“Try a Teresa Medeiros novel and you will swear it was written just for you!”—Lisa Kleypas, New York Times bestselling author

 “Only a select few have voices that sing on the page. Teresa Medeiros is such an author.”—Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Medieval romance, Knights and ladies, Middle Ages

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