Where I Live Now

Where I Live Now

Authors : Lucia Berlin
Publisher : David R. Godine Publisher
Published Date : 1999
ISBN-13 : 9781574230918
Page : 240 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Where I Live Now

Homesick (1990) and So Long (1993), her immensely popular short story collections, established Lucia Berlin as the Sister of Mercy of contemporary fiction. In Where I Live Now, Berlin once again contemplates the human condition with a compassionate understanding. Berlin’s vision is sometimes remorseful, sometimes resigned, always courageous and unmisgiving.

The elusive nature of happiness is a compelling theme here: the survivors in these stories — many of them society’s marginal or excluded people, fighting alcohol or drug addiction, bearing emotional scars — recognize it all too well. They mourn the lost dreams of youth, the roads not taken. They suffer the damage life inflicts: the ache of loneliness, the pain of separation, the fear of death.

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